as metalworking one designates the production and treatment of formed workpieces from metal after given geometrical ratios (under adherence to of certain tolerances and surface-good) and their assembly to functional products. Metalworking is a subrange of the finishing technique.

Metalworking becomes in the most different sections of industry and handicraft of the decoration production over the tool - and building of forms up to the construction of vehicles, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and bridge construction operated.

One does not differentiate according to machine cutting or machine cutting procedures of metalworking or according to the kind of the metal (z. B. Heavy metal, light alloy, non-ferrous metal and precious metal). The main groups of the manufacturing methods according to DIN 8580 let themselves be applied all to metalworking.

Many occupations formed around metalworking (z. B. Forge, fitter, turner).


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