Meter per second

meter per second (unit symbol: m/s) the derived unit of the speed is in the SI-UNIT system. An object, which moves with a constant speed of 1 m/s, puts a distance back of a meter in one second .

In the everyday life many becomeSpeeds instead indicated in km/h. The conversion from m/s to km/h is made by the factor 3,6.

<math> \ mathrm {1 \, \ frac {m} {s} = 1 \, \ frac {m} {s} \ cdot \ frac {1 \, km} {1000 \, m} \ cdot \ frac {3600 \, s} {1 \, h} = 3 {,} 6 \, \ frac {km} {h}}< /math>

some speeds in m/s

Pedestrian 1 m/s
motor vehicle outside of closed localities (108 km/h correspond) 30 m/s
Maximum speed of a Bugatti Veyron (~407 km/h correspond) 113 m/s
airliner 300 m/s
speed of sound under standard conditions (1234.8 km/h) 343 m/s
escape velocity of the earth (2. cosmic speed) of 11,180 m/s
speed of the earth on their course around the sun 30,000 m/s
speed of the sun on their coursearound the center of the Milky Way 220,000 m/s
speed of the sun in relation to the cosmic background radiation 369,500 m/s
speed of light in the vacuum; after special relativity theory the highest speed, with which information will transfer can. 299.792.458 m/s

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