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methodology (Greek adjective μεθοδική… - the methodical…) a whole of methods , as partial discipline is specialized knowledge shank also the science of the methods used in this science.

Methodology is to differentiate of methodology, theoretical reflection over methods of a field of activity. In the most important foreign languages this distinction is however not possible, which and smearing the terms entail mistakes also in German.

methodology into the Pädagogik

the opposite of methodical acting is intuitive orspontaneous acting. If methodology is out-formulated and written down, then mostly in didactical intention. Thus one places oneself immediately under the title “methodology of the Violinspiels” a something old-fashionable, for which instruction use determined work forwards, which contains above all practical exercises, however few or no training text.Such a title sounds oldfashionable, because it presupposes the fact that “play the violin to learning”, “those method the playing the violin learning”, “a method of the playing the violin learning” and “a method of the playing the violin instruction” is to a large extent congruent.

In the Pädagogik however the term methodology verselbständigt itself, by it itself no more on the technical methods of the Instruction article refers, but to the methods of informing and/or. generally the conception of a learning offer.

One differentiated long time in the Pädagogik following Wolfgang Klafki between didactics and methodology: Methodology acts thus of like an informing, in (not always more evidently) demarcation to the didactics,with the which is concerned. Ideal way should itself how from the which results in, why methodology can be understood also as subsection of the didactics.

Reflection over methodology and employment of various a methods of teaching as possible are important requirements in the teacher training

important one from the teacher methodical planning steps which can be madeare after Wolfgang Klafki:

  1. the arrangement of instruction in sections or phases,
  2. the choice of instruction, work, play, exercise or repetition forms,
  3. the use of lehr and media,
  4. the safety device of the organizational conditions of instruction.

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