Metz man

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Stadtwappen Stadt Mettmann Lage von Mettmann in Deutschland
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: North Rhine-Westphalia
governmental district: Duesseldorf
circle: Metz man
surface: 42.52 km ²
inhabitants: 39.100 (30. June 2005)
Population density: 922 inhabitants for each km ²
first mentions: 904 n. Chr.
Height: 125 m and. NN
Postal zip code: 40822
preselection: 02104
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 51° 15 ' n. Break, 6° 58 ' o. L.
51° 15 ' n. Break, 6° 58 ' o. L.
Kfz characteristic: ME
municipality key: 05 1 58 024
E-Mail address:
mayor: Bodo Nowodworski

Metz man is the district town of the circle of the same name in the governmental district Duesseldorf in North Rhine-Westphalia. The city lies east of Duesseldorf and to the west of Wuppertal.

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objects of interest

that is very worth seeing world-wide well-known Neandertal (also: Neanderthal), which partly belongs to Metz man. In the Neandertal the remnants of the Neandertalers designated to its discovery site were found with the limestone dismantling. Today the Neandertal is more popularPlace for excursions and has an interesting museum. The Neandertal carries its names after the Evangelist song poet Joachim Neander, which tended to make its walks there. The historical old part of town with the market place and the typically bergischen houses is further worth seeingwith black slate lining and that usually impact shops become green, kath. Pc. - Lambertus church and the formerly reformed Evangelist church from grey Feldsteinen, as well as the affectionately restored Wassermühle at the Goldberger character. The old Bürgermeisterei in the house averaging race 10 accommodates a small local history museum.


Metz man celebrated 2004 its 1100-jähriges existence and is older with it than some the neighbouring large cities. Large farms coin/shape the rural surrounding field of the city, so that itself, approximately with the frozen food enterprise ice man, also food processing enterprises inMetz man settled. Further there are metalworking industry and suppliers for car manufacturers. Metz man is district town and seat of the restaurant radio “radio Neandertal” sending for the circle Metz man. Admittingness attained Metz man also by in January 2004 the motion picture film Samba in Metz man, appeared , also Hape Kerkeling. For its inhabitants Metz man with exception of a comprehensive school reproaches all school forms as well as his own school of music and a people's highschool . Beside its own town hall it is for the culture offer of importance that Metz man to the catchment area of four large cities (Duesseldorf, Duisburg, meal and Wuppertal) belong. To Metz man only in the seventies belonged also eingemeindete local part Metzkausen, which belonged before times to the office Hubbelrath Meiersberg, which was dissolved in the course of the local re-organization in this time. Inthe local part Obschwarzbach bordering on the city Wülfrath have themselves after 1945 prefer refugees and late repatriate a new homeland created.



of twin cities


in Metz man ends the Regiobahn - to line S 28 (Mettmann Erkrath Duesseldorf Neuss Kaarst). The line is to be removed in foreseeable time to Wuppertal, an extension to the airport Moenchengladbach was likewise in the discussion. With the car Metz man is attainable over the A3 (exit Duesseldorf Hubbelrath/Mettmann), A46 (exit Wuppertal Lüntenbeck), A44 (exit Ratingen/Schwarzbachtal) and the B7 (from direction Duesseldorf/Wuppertal). The Düsseldorfer airport can be attained in 30 minutes with the car. The remainingpublic suburban traffic is operated by the Rhine course.

Between that 19. July 1909 and that 17. Here the streetcars the circle of Metz men streetcar GmbH operated May 1952.

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