Mexican-American war

the Mexico war or Mexican-American war between the two nations Mexico and the USA took place between 1846 and 1848 . It came off, because the USA stressed area belonging to before times to the State of Mexico. The USA required the area up to Rio Grande. Mexico that up to the Nueces River.

Texas became at the 1. March 1845 taken up to the USA, after it had won 1836 its independence from Mexico. Still in March 1845 the USA under Zachary Taylor reached that Rio Grande. After the victory in the battle of Palo Alto to 8./9. They pushed May 1846 Mexico even to behind the Rio Grande back. Only thereupon the USA explained to 13. May 1846 Mexico the war.Taylor continued to penetrate with its troops to the south and triumphed with Monterrey (August 1846) and Buena Vista (February 1847).

Also in California rose anglo American immigrant against the Mexican state. US-American troops conquered thereupon also California (January 1847Occupation of Los Angeles) and new Mexico. The US fleet took the Mexican ports Tampico and Veracruz . To 14. Septembers 1847 finally occupied the Americans under Winfield Scott Mexico city.

The contract of Guadalupe Hidalgo, with that thatWar was terminated, became to 2. February 1848 closed. It contained the essentially following points:

during the war died on sides of the USA 11,000, on those of Mexico 6,000 humans.

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