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Meyers encyclopedia, beside Brockhaus and the Pierer universal encyclopedia of the present and past a further important German-language enzyklopädisches work of general contents, appeared in 19. and 20. Century in several editions. It was designated after the founderthe bibliographic institute, Joseph Meyer.

The readers of this work could step with the publishers at bibliographic Institut into contact. Thus each volume contains an appendix over taken place exchange of letters, the correspondence sheet in such a way specified.

The first editions containalready numerous designs and plans: “Are added this Encyklopädie of the human knowledge: the portraits of most important humans of all times, the opinions of the strangest places, the plans of the largest cities, one hundred maps for old and new earth description, for statistics, history andReligion etc. and many thousand illustrations of nature-historical and commercial articles. “(Title page of the first expenditure).

The advancement of the Meyers of encyclopedia 1986 in favor of Brockhaus was stopped, after the Brockhaus publishing house and bibliographic Institut 1984 to bibliographic Institut & F. A. Brockhaus were fused.

Table of contents

overview all editions

  • the large Conversations Lexicon for the formed conditions. 46 Bde. (the so-called “miracle Meyer” = 0. Edition). Bibliographic Institut, Hildburghausen 1839-52.6 Ergänzungsbde. 1853-55. Reproduction in 52 Bdn. 1858-59.
  • New Conversations encyclopedia for all conditions. 15 Bde. (= 1. Edition). Bibliographic Institut, Hildburghausen 1857-60.
  • New encyclopedia, a dictionary of the general knowledge. 2. , completely reworked edition. 15 Bde. Bibliographic Institut, Hildburghausen1861-67; Register (and. Enter afterwards). Bd. 16. 1868.
  • Meyers encyclopedia. A Encyklopädie of the general knowledge. 3. , completely reworked edition. 15 Bde. Bibliographic Institut, Leipzig 1874-78; Additions and. Register. Bd. 16. 1878; 5 yearly Supplemente. Bde. 17-21. 1880-84.
  • Meyers encyclopedia. A Encyklopädiethe general knowledge. 4. , completely reworked edition. 16 Bde. Bibliographic Institut, Leipzig 1885-90. Register, additions and enters afterwards. Bd. 17. 1890; Yearly Supplemente. Bde. 18 and. 19. 1891, 1892. See also below.
  • Meyers encyclopedia. A reference book of the general knowledge. 5. , completelyrevised edition. 17 Bde. Bibliographic Institut, Leipzig and. Vienna 1893-97. Additions, enter afterwards and. Register. Bd. 18. 1898. Yearly Supplemente. Bde. 19-21. 1899, 1900/01, 1901.
  • Meyers large encyclopedia. A reference book of the general knowledge. 6. , completely revised and. increased edition. 20Bde. Bibliographic Institut, Leipzig and. Vienna 1902-08. Additions and. Enter afterwards. Bd. 21. 1909. Yearly Supplemente. Bde. 22-24. 1910, 1912, 1913. War-after-slowly-acting. 3 parts. 1916, 1917, 1920.

(Note: The 20 volumes of the 6. Edition are only half volume strongeras the 17 volumes of the 5. Edition!)

  • Meyers small encyclopedia. (7. Edition in 6 Bdn.) bibliographic Institut, Leipzig and. Vienna 1906/9.
  • Meyers encyclopedia. 7. Edition. In completely new treatment. 12 Bde. Bibliographic Institut, Leipzig 1924-30. Ergänzungsbde. Bde. 13-15. 1931,1932, 1933. Atlas supplement. 1933.
  • Meyers encyclopedia. 8. Edition. In completely new treatment and. Illustrating. 12 Bde. Bibliographic Institut AG., Leipzig 1936-42. (Appeared: Bde. 1-9 and. 12, satin ribbon).

(Note: With that 9. Volume had the work due to thatWar events to be adjusted.)

  • Meyers Enzyklopädi encyclopedia in 25 volumes. 9. , completely edition revised existence of the publishing house to the 150jährigen. Bibliographic Institut, Mannheim, Vienna, Zurich 1971-79. Enter afterwards A-Z. Bd. 26. 1980. World Atlas. Bd. 27. 1974. Person register. Bd. 28. 1981.Picture dictionary German/English French. Bd. 29. 1981. German dictionary. Bde. 30-32. 1979-81.
  • Meyers large universal encyclopedia in 15 volumes. Bibliographic Institut, Mannheim, Vienna, Zurich 1981-86. German dictionary in three volumes. Bde. 16-18. 1986. (The planned supplement did not appear.)

the two afterthat 2. World war in Leipzig expenditures appeared do not tie directly to the first 8 editions:

  • Meyers new encyclopedia. (= 1. Edition). 8 Bde. VEB bibliographic Institut, Leipzig 1961-64; Additions of special terms and geographer. Name. Bd. 9. 1969.
  • MeyersNew encyclopedia. 2. Edition. 15 Bde. VEB bibliographic Institut, Leipzig 1971-77; Register A-Z. Bd. 16. 1978; Atlas (maps). Bd. 17. 1978; Atlas (register). Bd. 18. 1978.

fourth edition

the 1885 - 90 in 16 volumes appearedfourth edition is in copyright matters free. Meanwhile all volumes are observable as in-scanned pictures and as ocr - full text (and. z. over [1]), which corresponds to about 16,000 sides. Still the large posters are missing (usually DIN A3). More than 15,000 sidesare text already at least in a first passage examined and after-corrected. A mailing list for the coworkers at this digitization project gives it also.


Volume of to
1 A Atlantiden
2 Atlantis Blatthornkäfer
3 sheet beetle Chimbote
4 China Distance
5 forward transaction Faidherbe
6 Faidit assistant
7 brain Hainichen
8 shark-leads Iriartea
9 Irideen king-green
10 king yards Luzon
11 Luzula Nathanael
12 Nathusius Phlegmone
13 Phlegon ruby stone
14 Rüböl soda water
15 Sodbrennen Uralit
16 Uralsk Zz
of 17 keys (that3. Aufl.)

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