Mia May

Mia May (actually: Hermine male nurse; * 2. June 1884 in Vienna; † 28. November 1980 in Hollywood) was a Austrian silent movie actress.

Already with 5 years it had its first theatre appearance and was thereafter often in child roles busy. It appeared under its artist name at that time Herma Angelot at Viennese stages as actress and a singer. 1902 married it the later director and film producer Joe May and got the common daughter EH, which arose later likewise than (child) actress in productions of Joe May.

Under its new artist name Mia May was again active at the theatre it around 1910 (Operettentheater in Hamburg) and its married man took over their artist name for itself. 1912 arose it in the first film of its man in the depth of the pit . In the following years their work was however not limited to productions of Joe May with the film. Starting from 1916 it stylized Joe May to one the first Diven of the German film in a kind Mia May row of melodramatischen films. It played main roles in Fritz along the moving picture (1920) and particularly in the large Joe May productions Veritas vincit (1919), the lady of the world (1919), the Indian tomb (1921) and tragedy of the love (1923).

After the Suizid its daughter EH May 1924 terminated it their actor career. Together with their man it went 1933 into the emigration into the USA.


  • 1912 in the depth of the pit
  • 1915 its most difficult case
  • 1917 Hilde Warren and death
  • 1918 the begging countess
  • 1919 Veritas 1919
  • the lady of the world (1 vincit. The friend of the yellow man, 2. The history of the Maud Greegardt, 3. The rabbi of Kuan Fu, 4. King Makombe, 5. Orphir, the city of the past, 6. The woman with the billions, 7. The Wohltäterin of mankind, 8. The revenge of the Maud Ferguson)
  • 1920 the debt of the Lavinia Morland
  • 1920 the moving fig.
  • 1921 the Indian tomb (1. The transmission of the Yoghi, 2. The tiger of Eschnapur)
  • 1923 tragedy of the love (4 parts)

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