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Base data
US Federal State: Florida
County: Miami Dade County
surface: 143.1 km ²
inhabitants: 107.724 (conditions: 2004)
Population density: 2,654 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 3 m and. NN
postal zip codes: 33122, 33125-38, 33142-47
33150, 33154-58, 33161-62
33165-70, 33172-87,
33189-90, 33193-94, 33196
preselection: 001,305 and/or. 001,786
geographical situation: 25° 47 ′ N, 80° 13 ′ W
of the city administration:
Town center resound to OF Miami
3500 Pan American drive
Miami, Florida 33133
official Website:

Miami is a closely settled city at the Miami River in the Miami Dade County in the US Federal State Florida, the USA, with 107.000 inhabitants (conditions: 2004) and seat of the County administration. The city has a size of 143,1 km ². Although the city is not particularly large, coversthe dye South Florida metropolitan AREA many smaller cities and the not insignificant UMSA (Unincorporated metropolitan services AREA) and accommodates altogether over 0.5 million inhabitant. The name “Miami” comes from the indianischen word Mayaimi (large water). The Miamis River the water supplies to the Evergladesand flows from there into the Atlantic.

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is located

to Geografie Miami in the southeast of the North American peninsula of Florida at the Atlantic. West the Everglades is appropriate for the urban region of Miami.


the cities are appropriate for neighbourhood in direct neighbourhood, in the periphery of 10 km: Brownsville, Gladeview, west Little River, El portal, Miami jump, Virginia Gardens, Coconut Grove, Miami Beach, North Miami Beach, Aventura, Bal Harbour, Miami Shores, Hialeah, Coral Gables and west Miami


Miami 1896

to 18. July 1896 was appointed Miami with approximately 300 inhabitants officially the city.

While the 1920er was years in Miami gambling permitted, and those Prohibition was ignored to a large extent. Thus thousands from the north of the USA immigrierten to Miami and released thus the boom of construction activity. The Skyline of Miami with its multistoried buildings developed. 1927 were stopped the boom of construction activity by a devastating eddy tower and afterwards by the depression. During of the 2. World war built the military many training barracks approximately around Miami, under the strategically favorable situation. On the search for work many men and women came again increased back in such a way the population until 1950 on over 500.000 humans into Miami and environment.

Today standsthe Miami Dade County in neighbourhood to the Counties of Broward and Palm Beach in the north with in each case 1.6 and 1.1 million inhabitants. Miami is considered as cultural pots with a strongly Latin American population. To the inhabitants of Miami above all Kubaner, Nicaraguaner, Kolumbianer, Venezuelos, Puerto Ricaner belong,Argentinier, Ecuadorianer, Brazilian, Dominikaner, Haitianer and Mexican.

Into the 1980er years was Miami the largest envelope place for drugs from Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru, under the proximity to the Herstellungsländern and the mass tourism. The drug barons brought billion USD to Miami, wherethe money by various investments in building projects to be fast washed could. At this time the well-known TV serial Miami Vice was turned here.


of Miami most important international traffic junction is that Miami internationally air haven, which one of the largest international airports of the world is.Over 35 million passengers are dispatched annually. At the same time it is the company headquarters of the airline American Airlines. The airport is approached by a large number of international airlines. The most important sea connection is the port, the haven OF Miami. Today it is the largest portthe world for cruise ships also over 18 million passengers. Likewise it is one of the most important freight envelope places with annually nearly 10 million tons of freight. The railway connection in Miami is operated by the Atlantic Coast service, which belongs to the railway company Amtrak. Besides there are still the regionalRailway connections Metrobus, Metrorail and trichloroethylene Rail. For passenger car and truck Miami has tying up to the Highways 75, 95 and 195.

Further airports for the international air traffic are “away the Lauderdale/Hollywood internationally air haven” and the “Palm Beach international air haven”. Miami is national also over thatTo reach “Miami air haven” and the “Grandpa Locka air haven”.

inhabitants (descent)

the inhabitants are westIndian (6.3%), Italian (1.4%), Irish (1.0%), German (1.2%) and British (1.1%) descent. From the American natives about 3.1% of humans descend.

population trend


the main branches of occupation is: Training, health and social: (15.0%), trade/retail trade: (11.0%), future technologies, management, administration: (11,8%), construction industries: (10.3%), art, maintenance, food, restaurant (12.0%). Further important employer is the international airport of Miami with all its ancillary industries.


the climate is subtropically and thus all year round warm. Statistically it rains in the summer months - even if onlyat short notice - at on the average 40% of the days. The daytime temperatures move from May to Octobers with 31°C. The coldest months from December to February bring however with average daytime temperatures of 24°C still larger warmth than the high summer in Germany (23°C). In the summer demonstrateseverything the high air humidity to the fact that the felt temperatures lie clearly above the 31°C specified above.

From at the beginning of June to at the end of November runs the Hurricane Season in the Atlantic and the gulf of Mexico. In particular in the past two years the “Sunshine State” Florida various hasdirect hits of Hurricanes experience.


High School

  • Booker T. Washington senior High School, about 1,500 pupils
  • Coral Reef senior High School, about 3,000 pupils
  • Design and Architecture (art and architecture) senior High School, about 450 pupils
  • Dr. Michael M.Krop senior High School, about 3,300 pupils
  • Felix Varela senior High School, about 3,500 pupils
  • G. Cross-beam Braddock senior High School, about 4,700 pupils
  • John A. Ferguson senior High School, about 2,550 pupils
  • MAST Academy High School, about 550 pupils
  • Miami cent ral senior High School,about 2,675 pupils
  • Miami Coral park senior High School, about 4,100 pupils
  • Miami Jackson senior High School, about 1,700 pupils
  • Miami Killian senior High School, about 3,360 pupils
  • Miami Norland senior High School, about 2,450 pupils
  • Miami Northwestern senior High School, about 2,675 pupils
  • MiamiPalmetto senior High School, about 3,300 pupils
  • Miami senior High School, about 3,400 pupils
  • Miami Southridge senior High School, about 3,675 pupils
  • Miami Sunset senior High School, about 3,600 pupils
  • Southwest Miami senior High School, about 3,650 pupils

these High Schools are part of the school district of Miami Dade County. This school district covers altogether 39 High Schools, about which 20 schools do not lie in the area of Miami.

resuming educational facilities

  • Miami Dade Community college, approx. 180,000 students
  • Barry University, approx. 5,700 students
  • Johnson and Wales University
  • internationally Fine kind college, approx. 1,000 students
  • Florida computer and Business School, approx. 950 students
  • Beauty Schools OF America, approx. 900 students
  • Florida internationally University, approx. 22,700 students
  • Florida Memorial college, approx. 1,900 students
  • Saint Thomas University, approx. 1,800 students

further one resuming educational facilities in the environment, in the periphery to 100 km are:

  • New facts Southeastern University in away Lauderdale, for about 30 km removes, approx. 12,660 students
  • kind of institutes OF away for Lauderdale in away Lauderdale, about 33 km removes, approx. 2,450 students
  • University OF Miami in Coral Gables, for about 33 km removes, approx. 13,000 students
  • Broward CommunityCollege in away Lauderdale, about 33 km removes, approx. 12,700 students
  • Keiser college in away Lauderdale, for about 33 km removes, approx. 2,850 students
  • Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton in Boca Raton, for about 65 km removes, approx. 14,300 students
  • Palm Beach Community college in Lake Worth, about 90 km removes, approx. 8,400 students


the “Miami Dade publicly LIBRARY” possesses somewhat more than 4 million books, 106,000 audio and 111,000 video documents.


  • Anne Bates Leach Eye hospital
  • Douglas Gardens hospital
  • Healthsouth rehablitation hospital
  • Kendall Medical center
  • Meadowbrook rehablitation hospital OF west Gables
  • Mercy hospital
  • Miami Childrens hospital
  • Pan Americam hospital
  • South Miami hospital
  • University OF Miami hospital & Clinic
  • Westchester Gerneral hospital
  • Jackson Memorial hospital
  • North shore Medical center
  • Cedars Medical center
  • Baptist Children's hospital
  • Baptist hospital OFMiami
  • IFA Medical center
  • DTE ring hospital

park and sport possibilities

it gives a variety of different city parks, several sporty mechanisms, play meadows and possibilities for the camping. By the proximity to the beach all beach and kinds of water haven are possible.

Touristi attractions

OceanDrive at night
Ocean drive at day

the kind Déco quarter in the neighbouring Miami Beach, the Miami Seaquarium on key Biscayne and the Cuban quarter around the Calle Ocho are approximately the largest tourist attractions of Miami. Miami is beside it starting point of many journeys into the nearby Everglades andon the Florida key, a Inselgruppe at the southernmost end of Florida, to which for example key west belongs.

important sport associations/sport

to 4. February 2007 finds the 41. Super Bowl that national football League in the Dolphins stage of Miami instead of.

film and television

of films and Fersehserien, those in Miami play orwere turned: “2 nearly 2 Furious “,” Ace Ventura: Pet Detective “,” universe About the Benjamins “,” on each condemned Sunday “,” bath Boys - hard ones young “,” bath Boys 2 “,” bend Trouble “,” TheBirdcage - a Paradies for shrill birds “,” CSI: Miami “,” Flipper ““golden Girls “,” Making Mr. Right “,” Miami Rhapsody “,” Miami Vice “,” Nip/Tuck “,” Porky's “,” Revenge OF the Nerds 2“,” Scarface “,” moves The mission “[work on] of daughters and sons

of the city Scott Adam

, programmer and computer game pioneer Dave


in Miami givesit at present 500 different churches from 32 different denominations. Under the churches belonging to a denomination the Baptistengemeinde with 79 churches is most strongly represented. Further there are 47 churches belonging to no denomination (conditions: 2004).

demographic data

after that censusesthe yearly 2000 the population of Miami consists of 362.470 humans in 83.336 families. The population density is with 3.923, 5/km ². The origin of the population exposes itself together:

  • 66.62% European
  • 22.31% afro American
  • 0.22% indianisch
  • 0.66% asiatically
  • 0.04% Pacific islands
  • 5.42% other

65.76% of the population are Latinosdifferent origin, to a large part from Cuba.

The average income of a household is with 23.483 USD, the average income of a family with 27.225 USD.

Men have an average income of 24.090 USD opposite the women with on the average 20,115 USD. The Pro-Kopf-Einkommen lieswith 15.128 USD.
28.5% the inhabitant and 23.5% of the families live below the poverty border.

21.7% the inhabitant are old under 18 years and on 100 women starting from 18 years and over it come statistically 97.3 men.
The average age amounts to 38 years. (Conditions: 2000).


the criminality rate has an index of 891,2 points. (See. US state average: ) 2002 there
were 330,6 points 65 murders, 96 rapes, 2,706 armed robberies, 4,361 violent attacks on persons, 5,962 break-downs, 15,886 thefts and 4,876 autothefts.


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