Michael A. Roth

Michael Adolf Roth (* 13. August 1935 in Kitzingen) is a German entrepreneur, football functionary and since 1994 president of the 1. Fiber plastic Nuremberg.

Roth, which created 1957 the carpet enterprise AERO, began the office for president in February 1979 for the first time with the FCN. Before it had been active already since November 1977 in the full board of the club. After nearly five years term of office stepped it to 20. December 1983 back. Roths successor became Gerd Schmelzer. To 25. October 1994 became Roth again the president of the 1. Fiber plastic Nuremberg selected.

Roth has 13 coaches in its term of office meanwhile to dismiss, among them Klaus Augenthaler, Felix Magath and Wolfgang wolf. Now, after over altogether 15 years term of office and meanwhile over 45 years of the foundation of a firm, is Roth of one of the most experienced federal league presidents and one of the most well-known carpet dealers at all.

Michael A. Roth lives with its wife and its children on a messuage in Rückersdorf with Nuremberg. He is passionierter living mobile driver.


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