Michael Baur

Michael Baur (* 16. April 1969 in Innsbruck) is a Austrian football player.


Michael farmer was new generation player Sportverein Innsbruck as he in the age of 16 years of Ernst Happel was discovered.
For Baur its active professional career began 1989 a contract with fiber plastic Tirol Innsbruck where it signed. After seven years with the fiber plastic Tirol in the first Austrian league it changed for a short excursion into the far east to the Urawa talks dia. moon in the first Japanese league. Afterwards it played again 5 years with the fiber plastic Tirol before the club bankruptcy announced. After the bankruptcy it followed its coach Jara briefly to Germany to Hamburg sports association. After the very bad season with the German north lights he came again back to Austria to the fiber plastic superfind, where he still plays today.

Baur participated in the soccer world championship 1990 in Italy , came however to not one employment. It played 40 times in the Austrian national team.


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