Michael Caelius

Michael Caelius, also Michael Coelius (* 7. September 1492 in Döbeln13. December 1559 in one field) was a German lutherischer theologian and Reformator

life & working

Caelius as a son of a baker master in Döbeln was born. It registered 1509 at the University of Leipzig, where it became 1510 Baccalaurus. 1512 he transferred a position for teachers in his hometown and became 1516 rector of the latin school. 1518 it was ordiniert as a minister in Grimma and Rochlitz.

After the Leipziger Disputation it studied, again this time in joke mountain and went as a minister to Pensau into Böhmen. When he was from there driven out, him Martin Luther recommended to its national gentleman. Caelius became 1525 Schlossprediger in one field and became there 1542 Dekan.

As he had assisted 1530 Luther's father Hans, then he was also as gräflicher Hofprediger a witness of Luther's dying in ice lives. There it held also the corpse lecture for it. It described Luther's last hours together with Justus Jonas the older one. 1548 he became a city minister in one field.

Caelius was moderates and friedliebender man. Only with George Witzel it turned out together 1534. Good works went around communion, penalty and. He wrote also a disputation „new Irthum and Schwärmerei including some lies, so George Witzel preached on the lock one field to the first fair “ 1534. Against Augsburger Interim and against each deviation from Luther's theory he was protected and can to the Gnesiolutheranern be assigned. It worked last together with Erasmus Sarcerius. Cyriakus clip mountain published its writings with a Vorrede.



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