Michael Clivot

Michael Clivot (* 3. June 1978 in Homburg (Saar)) is a German politician (SPD). Clivot is since 2001 of regional chairmen of the Jusos in the Saarland.

he spent training

and beginnings its childhood in France, where he completed also 1996 in Epernay its Abitur. Afterwards it returned to Germany and studied practical computer science at French-German Hochschulinstitut.

1998 it occurred the SPD and became in the year of 2000 youngest local association chairmen Deutschlands in whale home (Saar). According to numerous functions within the SPD youth organization on circle, land and federal level he took over 2001 the office regional chairmen. To the national conference of the Jusos Saar it became to 18. March 2006 with 89% of the delegation voices red-elect, according to own statement he would like to however only exercise this office for one year and to vacate afterwards this post for a younger successor. From 2003 to 2004 he was besides a chairman of the working group Europe of the Juso Federal association.

By its early and sharp criticism at the efforts to merge Oskar Lafontaine again into the party he attained 2004 country wide attention.

political offices

in its function as a regional chairman Michael Clivot belongs to the SPD state executive committee. There it leads the working group right-wing extremism as well as the working group life organization, ethics, religion customer. With the local elections Clivot drew 2004 after five-year term of office in the advice of the municipality Gersheim into the Kreistag of the Saarpfalz circle .

Further offices: Local authorities association chairman of the SPD in Gersheim until 2005, member of the regional-level party council of the falcons, member in the executive committee of the network for democracy and courage.

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