Michael Glos

Bundeswirtschaftsminister Michael Glos (CSU)
Federals Minister for Economic Affairs Michael Glos (CSU)

Michael (Michel) Glos (* 14. December 1944 in Brünnau, Lower Franconia) is a German politician (CSU).

It is since 2005 Federal Ministers for economics and technology and was from 1993 to 2005 of chairmen of the CSU regional committee and firstdeputy chairmen of the CDU /CSU- Bundestag faction.

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training and after

occupation the middle ripe completed Glos teachings to Mueller andthe mastership examination finally existed 1967. 1968 he transferred then the line of the parental corn mill and agriculture enterprise to Prichsenstadt.


Michael Glos is married and has two children. A further child deceased 1997 with a car accident in close proximity to Munich.

a party

Glos auf der JU Landesversammlung 05
Glos on the JU state meeting 05
Glos is since 1970 member of the CSU and was 1972 establishment chairmen of the CSU Ortsverbandes in its hometown Prichsenstadt. From 1975 to 1993 he was a chairman of the CSU Kreisverbandes Kitzingen. Since 1993 he is its honorary chairman. Glosbelonged since 1976 the executive committee of the CSU Bezirksverbandes Lower Franconia on and is since 1993 of district chairmen. Since then it is also member in the presidency and in the regional-level party council of the CSU.


Glos belonged to the town councillor von Prichsenstadt from 1972 to 1978 and from 1975 to 1993the Kreistag of the district Kitzingen on.

Since 1976 it is member of the German federal daily. Here it was from 1987 to 1990 of chairmen of the parliamentary group working group finances and at the same time finance and tax political speakers of the CDU /CSU- Bundestag faction. From 1990 to at the end of 1992 was it thenDeputy leader of the parliamentary group for the range economics, traffic, middle class and agriculture. Of 22. January 1993 up to 21. November 2005 he was a chairman of the CSU regional committee and thus first deputy chairmen of the CDU /CSU- Bundestag faction.

Michael Glos has 2005 with 54,1% with the election to the Bundestagthe Erststimmen (- 4.3% opposite 2002) its direct mandate in the constituency 251 (pig ford) defends.

public offices

to 22. November 2005 was appointed Glos as Federal Minister for economics and technology into the Federal Government led of Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel.


howalso the CDU chairman Angela Merkel rejects Glos an admission of Turkey into the European union and justifies this among other things with an incompatability „of the cultural basic values of Europe “with those Turkey. Glos endorsed 2004 also a signature action against the European Union entry of Turkey. Instead spokeit itself for a so-called privileged partnership of Turkey out. As a sharply formulating speaker Glos gave the political opponent repeats cause for the criticism. Thus it designated to 10. February 2004 before journalist the Federal Ministers Joschka Fischer and Jürgen Trittin as Öko Stalinisten and former terrorists.After the European choice 2004 it compared the party alliance 90/Die the Green with Zecken and insulted minister of foreign affairs Fischer in connection with the “visa affair” which can be answered for from Fischer to to 24. November 2004 in the Bundestag in its speech as „Zuhälter “, for which it itself however still during the currentMeeting excused. Glos is member of many years of the middle class union of the CSU.

As a Federal Minister for economics and technology he pleads to 27. December 2005 for higher wages in Germany (tagesschau.de, interview in PICTURE), there substantial parts of the economy such as retail trade and handicraft on purchase-strongDemand are dependent, here would have “humans on good work good money to make and it also to then spend to be able”; it is supported here by restaurant economics Peter Bofinger.

The moreover one Glos supports the promotion of renewable energies, as it on the 13. Trade paper conference in January2006 explained.

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