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Michael Herbig (* 29. April 1968 in Munich) is a German actor, entrepreneur, an author, a director and a producer. Under the name Bully it is many as Komiker well-known. Michael Herbig has the pointed name “Bully” already since its childhood. At that time it carried with the football always a leotard of Bavaria Munich with the label “the bulls comes!”. And from the word “bull Bully ” became” in the course of the time “.

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Michael “Bully” Herbigs career began 1991 with regular appearances in radio endings like “long man and the Morning crew”, “the Bavaria Cops” (approx. 800 consequences). Herbig was later also in the TV - transmission “the long man” (on tv.münchen) to see.

The first Germany-far transmission of Bully was “Bullys Late Light show”, a weekly Radiocomedysendung, which became to transfer Energy country widely over the transmitters from radio. Here the team Christian Tramitz, Rick Kavanian and Michael Herbig worked for the first time together. Many figures and series adapts Herbig for the television broadcast Bullyparade, which ran starting from 1997 in the evening program from pro filters. As a speaker it worked in the films bakes tons Gaya and a kingdom for a Lama also. With Erkan & Stefan he gave his debut in the year 2000 as a film director.

It created 1996 those herbX medium production GmbH, 1998 herbX the Tonstudios and 1999 herbX the film GmbH. It created one of largest successes of its career as director, producer, author and an actor in the shoe one International Telecommunication Union (2001), which is with 11.7 million visitors of one of the most successful German films. In Austria the strip became to date most successful film of all times.

To 22. July 2004 came Michael Herbigs second Parodie (T) spaceship Surprise - period 1 into the cinemas, which just like the shoe one International Telecommunication Union on figures of the “Bullyparade” develops.

Since that 13. September 2004 runs on pro filters Bullys new transmission Bully & Rick.

In the year 2007 Bully brings its fourth motion picture film to “Lissi and the wild emperor “ into the cinemas. Here it will concern a 3D - an animated film. Film script, production and direction: Michael “Bully” Herbig.

enterprise Herbx

  • 1996 herbX medium production GmbH (founder, managing director and owner)
  • 1998 herbX Tonstudios GmbH (Founders, managing directors and owners)
  • 1999 herbX film GmbH (Founders, managing directors and owner)
  • 1999 Xframe GmbH (Founder, owner)


  • 1997 - the shoe one International Telecommunication Union - radio play
  • 1998 - fine Fressi
  • 2001 - (T) spaceship Surprise
  • 2005 - Welcome ton the Fabulous Bullyparade



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