Michael Jeffery

Philip Michael Jeffery, (* 12. December 1937 in Wiluna, Western Australia) is an Australian politician and the 24. Governor general of the country. Its term of office began at the 11. August 2003.

It is married since end of the 1960er years with Marlena Kerr, with which it has altogether three sons and a daughter.

military career

Michael Jeffery went in the age from 16 years to Duntroon with Canberra, in order to visit the military academy Royal Military college there. After its conclusion 1958 it fulfilled its service in one in Perth stationed regiment before it 1962 on the Malaii peninsula and to Borneo was sent. After a brief return after Perth in the year 1965 it was sent from 1966 to 1969 to Papua New Guinea. During the following employment in Viet Nam it was distinguished with the Military CROSS. 1972 it was allowed to visit British the Army Staff college in Camberley , England and afterwards in the rank lieutenant Colonel as battalion a commander after Wewak, Papua New Guinea was shifted. Now Colonel returned it 1976 to Perth, in order to kommandieren the regiment, in which it began its military career. From 1981 to 1983 it led an office of the Ministry of Defense in the rank of a Brigadier before it one in Sydney stationed brigade stated. 1985 it was trained further at the Royal college OF Defence Studies in London, England. In the connection it was promoted to major General and commander of a division. Starting from 1989 it finally belonged to the general staff of the Australian army.

political career

at the 1. November 1993 it became as the 27. Governor of the Australian Federal State Western Australia swears in. This office dressed he altogether 7 years until 2000.

Michael Jeffery became to 22. June 2003 of the Australian prime minister John Howard as a governor general nominates and at the 11. August of the same yearly into this office swears in, which it holds be-being that.

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