Michael Kraus

Der Berg (ausgezeichnet mit dem "Coppa Citta di Corridonia Neapel 2000" (1978)
the mountain (excellently with the “Coppa Citta di Corridonia Neapel 2000” (1978)

Michael Kraus (* 21. October 1945 in Olpe; † 30. June in 1978 Olpe) was an artist and a commercial artist from Olpe/Biggesee.

Its works are mainly pencil drawings and Linolschnitte.

Carrier of the price “Coppa Citta di Corridonia Neapel 2000” of 1978.

Completed after people graduation training as commercial artists in Olpe and is after the associating examination as graphic draughtsmen in different enterprises actively, last with L & C stone Mueller, a company for boiler construction in Gummersbach.

After initial attempts in oil, which maintain a beautiful landscape painting, Kraus turns completely to different topic around 1970 to the free design and diagram and with it. In the meantime he works in a Gummersbacher printering, in order to acquire knowledge in graphic printings.

Since 1974 participation in group exhibitions, first of layman artists and art craftsmen.

1976 first single exhibition.

The friendship to the surrealistischen painter Heinrich Molitor from Bensberg Refrath leads to exhibitions with professional artists in different cities of the North-Rhine/Westphalian area.

1978 on Veranlassung Molitors invitation to the participation in the jurierten “VI Concorso internazionale pittura. Italia 2000 " in Neapel and honor of the pencil drawing “the mountain” with “the Coppa Citta di Corridonia”.

Frizzily exercised further the occupation of the graphic draughtsman, free lance artist shank aimed at however on a long-term basis.

To 30. June 1978 died Michael Kraus with a traffic accident.

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