Michael Mendl

Michael Mendl (* 20. April 1944 in Lünen) is a German actor.

Mendl was born as an illegitimate son of a catholic priest. Its actor career began as a Statist at the Mannheimer national theatre. Commitments at different theatres in Germany followed. Only after 25-year old theatrical experience it gave its film debut in the first work of Sherry to hearing man „quiet shade “(1992 distinguished with the max Ophüls price). Only the residence theatre Munich had briefly before quit to it. In the meantime Michael Mendl plays predominantly character roles, for example Psychopathen, criminal ones, prison passengers and charming older married men. Its interpretation of Willy Brandt was remarkable and highly praised in the television multi-divisor over the life of the former Federal Chancellor. 1997 it was distinguished with the German film price, 1998 the Bavarian film price and 2004 with the golden camera.

For guest roles it withdraws it again and again to the stage, with commitments at the Württembergi national theatre Stuttgart, in the Düsseldorfer and Hamburg Schauspielhaus, in the resident of Munich residence theatre, at the chamber plays and with the salt citizen festivals.

Mendl is married in second marriage with play colleague Carolin finch and has three children.

films (selection)

it borrowed secrets

of a Pope to synchronisation as synchronous speakers and others F. Murray Abraham (Forrester: Found), Rob of pure (sleepless in Seattle) and Stellan Skarsgard (King Arthur) its voice.

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