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Michael of moorlands, in October 2004

Michael of moorlands (* 23. April 1954 in Davison, a suburb of Flint, Michigan, the USA) is an US-American film director and author. It became popular by its films „Roger & ME “,„Bowling for Columbine “and „Fahrenheit 9/11 “, as well as its briefly on the American and British television radiated Satireshow „TV nation “. Moorlands political linking is assigned and is well-known for its criticism at the acting Bush - to government.

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family Michael of moorlands as a son of franc and Veronica of moorlands as a descendant of Irish immigrantsto 23. April 1954 born. In addition it has two sisters named Anne and Veronica. It is married since 1990 with its Produzentin Kathleen Glynn and has with it a daughter named Natalie (* 1981).


Moorlands buildup in Davison, a Villen-Vorort of Flint. Except it its whole family for general of engine ( GM) worked, the largest employer of the city, whose birth place was Flint. Its nut/mother was a secretary, its father worked there at GM asCraftsman. Its uncle was one the worker, who had introduced the trade union by its strikes in the thirties with GM. Already in recent years moorlands that joined national splines Association and won there some honors. At the age of14 years visited it the Catholic Seminary, in which it prepared for the office for priest. Subsequently, it visited the Davison High School to 1972, where it became acquainted with also its later Produzentin and wife Kathleen Glynn. With 18 it becamein the “Davison school board” selected and became in such a way one of the youngest selected representatives of the people in the history of the USA.

journalist career

at the age of 22 years gave moorlands up its education office and dedicated themselves to its passion, the journalism completely. With The Flint Voice it created a magazine, which enjoyed soon the call as one of the most respected alternative publications in the country and whose editor-in-chief he was ten years long. In the meantime the magazine in The Michigan Voice was renamed. Thisit adjusted however, after it had gotten an offer of the newspaper MON ago Jones from San Francisco. There he was afterwards columnist and also an editor. There it however its kind remained faithful and some all too self-willed topics for its articles, returned he selected after only five months to Flint, where general of engine admits straight had given that the works in the city should be closed. After its dismissal he was employed by Ralph Nader, itself however soon because ofpersonal differences from it separated.

film and author career

world-wide moorlands became famous particularly by its usually sow-Irish books and documentary films, in which it in particular the behavior of large-scale enterprises and the policy political rights inthe USA anprangert.

1988 and 1989 he turned the film with small financial means „Roger & ME “, which help him in the film business to the break-through. In the film the occurred pauperization of its hometown Flint is brought up for discussion by the locking of the there GM - works. Roger Smith, the GM boss at that time tries moorlands in vain to place to the speech in the film. The percentages of profits out „Roger & ME “he used for the establishment „centers for alternative Media “, a donation, the independent film producers and socialGroups supports.1992 followed then „Pets or Meat - The Return ton of Flint “, a 30-minütiger Nachklapp too „Roger & ME “: In this Kurzfilm the current situation in Flint was documented. After this film „Canadian Bacon planned to bring moorlands out the film “,but nobody wanted to be film script to support.

Instead of its new film offered to it NBC , a TV-show to make. It accepted nation after some doubts and developed in the year 1994 „for TV in such a way “. The series enjoyed high popularity and won 1995the Emmy for the best TV-show. After only one and a half years the transmission was stopped in September 1995, since the contract for this transmission had not been extended. However thereby enough budget had attained moorlands, around its disputed film „Canadian Bacon “to even finance and thus also carry out. In the year 1998 moorland book appeared “Hurra America!” (written together with its wife), in which he expresses sharp criticism at president at that time Bill Clinton.

In the year 2000 belonged moorlands to thatprominent supporters of Ralph Naders candidacy for the US president shank choice, since it had reconciled itself in the meantime with this. It called the reasons, why he supported its candidacy, in its 2002 book published „Stupid White Men “: Like that was moorlands disappointedover the policy of Bill Clinton, which he saw as far as possible as voter betrayal. In addition it had a letter at aluminium would ferment written and requested it to call it reasons why it is to select it. The letter in reply of would ferment has itallerdings nicht überzeugt, womit für ihn endgültig klar war, Nader zu unterstützen.

By its international admittingness supported, became also its books - particularly transverse shots - Downsize This!, Stupid White Men and full covering, Mr. Bush - millionfold sells.The books provoked similar controversies as the films. The magazine The new republic called its printer certifications ironically „Chomsky for children “- an allusion on the sharp political government criticism of the important linguist Noam Chomsky. With the films Bowling forColumbine (2002) and Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004) it became an internationally considered film producer. At the latest by its speech in the context of the OSCAR award („be ashamed of on you Mr. Bush! “) in the year 2003 moorlands became world-famous.

For its film „Fahrenheit 9/11 “receivedit the price of the jury with the film festivals in Cannes and won „the palm D' Or “, the Festivalspreis for the best film. Since he had not succeeded to prevent the re-election from Bush to it published few days after its renewedChoice victory on its homepage 17 partly seriously, partly jokeful meant reasons, why one is not to cut oneself open the pulse veins. In addition it announced to turn with Fahrenheit 9/11 1/2 a continuation of Fahrenheit 9/11 which was to come 2007 into the cinemas.

In the middle of 2005 it provided for headlines, since it based in its hometown Flint a Filmfestival, which was to serve the culture for the promotion. In the July of same yearly he was sued by James Nichols for payment of damages, since he accused moorlands, it inFilm „Bowling for Columbine “into a bad light to have moved. Moorlands won however the law case. James Nichols is the brother of Terry Nichols, that as an accomplice of Timothy McVeigh as well as this 1995 the bomb attack on the government building in Oklahoma town center had committed.

Meanwhile inspired its works several films like „super Size ME “from Morgan trace LOCK or „Charlie Wilsons war “, which the actor and OSCAR winner Tom Hanks to time turn. In the year 2006 is moorland next film „Sicko “into the cinemas come, a film over the American health service.

moorlands in the presidency election fight 2004

Michael of moorlands during a demonstration of its “Slacker Uprising route” in October 2004 in Albuquerque/new Mexico (the USA)

to 14. January 2004 explainedMoorlands on its Website its support for the candidacy of the democrat Wesley Clark with the presidency election of 2004. Clark could not become generally accepted with the preselections however. However explained itself moorlands ready, which democrats, independently of who intersperse themselves candidateto support with the presidency election fight it is would have decided, Joe Lieberman a running for itself: „I will not give a cent liking gladly Bush, which does in such a way, as if am it a democrat! “. In addition it directed attention during the preselections alsothe reference to itself, George W. Bush did not appear during its service in the national guard over longer time to the service. In the months before the presidency election 2004 tourte moorlands by the “Swing States in such a way specified “of the USA andJohn Kerry on numerous demonstrations for the choice of the democratic presidency candidate, which was for it according to own statement one at the furthest left candidates of the democratic party for a long time, recruited.


the work of moorland hasby its polarize-mixed elements a strongly polarizing effect. Thus there are anti- Michael moorland sides in the Internet apart from sides of trailers also. Some critics lodge a complaint, moorland of films are due to the subjectivity of the representation no documentations and its books contained material errors. Likewise existdifferent accusations concerning allegedly artificially more produced and misleadingly cut scenes in the sense of moorland.

Due to its political explosiveness the film particularly stands Fahrenheit for 9/11 in the criticism. Particularly the political rights in the USA rejected the film. Thus those designatedconservative organization move America forward the film as „recruiting video for aluminium Qaida, not into our cinemas belongs “. On the Party Congress of the republicans in the year 2004 the republican senator said John McCain from Arizona about moorlands spöttisch: „And trustIt no behind-cunning film producer, who believes us to make wants, the Iraq under Saddam Hussein was an oasis of the peace! “Even beyond the trailer shank of the republicans moorlands again and again one accuses, in its books and films some facts very on one sideto light up.

A further reproach is that its films mainly polarize-mix propaganda are, which would use „half truths “for their purposes. Moorlands denies the reproach of falsified scenes, not however the reproach of the selective representation. He state facts,its personal view of the things support, it with all its books and films so far however to no libel action came. Thus let it everything of attorneys for the criminal relevance examine before.


Roger & ME

of moorlands the first time was noticed 1989 in the broad public, when he published its film Roger & ME. The documentary film brings up for discussion the procedures in its hometown Flint in close proximity to Detroit, after general of enginedespite good economy had closed his there factories and had paged production out because of smaller labour costs to Mexico. Moorlands is considered since then as a globalization critic. The film received mention in more as 100 year stop 10-lists of renowned film critics and won different prices than Best documentation with US-American Filmfestivals.

Canadian Bacon

of the 1995 published sow-Irish feature Canadian Bacon (German: ) That acts our hostile neighbours after the end of the cold war of a fictitious American president (easily of Alan Alda ),on the search for an enemy is, in order to divert from problems in the own country. Around itself to form it breaks a war against Canada of the fence, with the pretext, annually would finally come thousands of Canadians over the border. Moorlands themselvesis to be seen in the film in a Nebenrolle. The film ran as official contribution in the Nebenreihe Un certain régard with the festival de Cannes.

to The bend One/the large Macher

in the film the largeMacher (1998; Original title: To The bend One) becomes Michael of moorlands 1996/97 on reader ice the marketing of its book Downsize This! Random Threats from at Unarmed American (German: Transverse shots of an unarmed the American's) across USA accompanies.It visits different enterprises, to which it accuses mass redundancies despite realized record gains. Among other things it interviewt Nike - chairman of the board Philip Knight, which states that Americans did not want to sew shoes. Nike had paged the majority out of its shoe production before to Indonesia,there partly by children for 19 US cents per hour wages to be manufactured.

Bowling For Columbine

in the film Bowling For Columbine (2002) takes moorlands the massacre to the Columbine Highschool in Littleton to the cause, to the reasonsto follow for the act of violence and for the weapon culture in the USA. It lights up thereby the question, why in the United States superproportionally many humans die by firearms. The film provoked a sharp argument around the correctness inInformation presented film. The presentation of facts is discussed also today still in the Internet (see Web on the left of in the film article).

The film won a special price with the 55. Film festivals of Cannes 2002, the French César film price as the best foreign film,as well as 2003 the OSCAR as the best documentary film. The award of this price used moorlands in addition, during his thank speech US president George W. To condemn Bush for the invasion of the Iraq 2003. Today Bowling For Columbine is the documentation with the second highest cash incomesall times and smoothed so the way for further nichtfiktionale motion picture films, which had led a shade existence in the years before.

Fahrenheit 9/11

the youngest film of moorlands, Fahrenheit 9/11, lights up the political developments of the USAafter the terrorist attacks of the 11. September 2001. Special attention puts moorlands here on connections between the families of George W. Bush and Osama are shop. The film was distinguished with the golden palm of Cannes. It was thatfirst documentary film since 1956, which won this price. Fahrenheit 9/11 is considered thus as the most successful documentary film.

In the apron of Cannes film festival it in the USA to diversities of opinion between Miramax and Disney had come: Company nut/mother Disney refused, Miramaxto make available the rights to distribute of the film, since she feared an image damage for the Disney company. This happened, although production and selling had been already paid by Buena Vista. This procedure entailed a publicly led censorship debate, that thatAdmitting heating degree of the film already in the apron increased. In June 2004 the film rights were bought by the Miramax bosses Harvey and Robert tartar with their private possession, so that the film could be driven out. For the selling in the USA Lions gate of film could , IFC of film and the Fellowship Adventure Group to be won.

The film ran to 25. June 2004 in the US-American and Canadian cinemas and to 29. July 2004 in the German cinemas on. Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451accuses moorlands his title without permission to have used. In November 2004 Michael moorlands quit on to place to center 2007 the continuation of Fahrenheit 9/11 completely. This continuation is Fahrenheit 9/11 1/2 to be called and itself again with thatTopics Iraq war and terrorism employ.


Sicko is a film over the health service of the USA, which is still turned at present. At least two Pharmaunternehmen, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline, instructed their employees to grant Michael of moorlands no interviews.Moorlands explained however, it could count on sufficient physicians and other specialists, which information would give it.2006 he is to come into the cinemas. One turned among other things also with hidden cameras, in medical practices and a beauty hospital.

Fahrenheit 9/11.5

the continuation, which was to treat the second government period of the US-American president, was shifted because of the current turning work on Sicko on 2007.

TV serials

TV nation

in the years 1994 and 1995 was moorlands Moderator and director of the Nachrichtenshow TV nation, in which unusual actions were a konstitutives element. A goal was to show those things which of the usual TV-formats are neglected. The first nine consequences appeared on NBC, the further eight upthe conservative transmitter FOX.

For this transmission engaged moorlands among other things an ex-KGB-agent, tried the a few British to persuade, Argentinier to become (see Falkland War) and drove to Russia, in order to buy the atomic rocket, those on its hometownone arranged. Likewise moorlands under the names of a coworker as well as of Jeffrey Dahmer, a series killer, begging letters send away let. The citizens donated to the criminal more money.

The experiences in the transmission held moorlands as well as his Mrs. KathleenGlynn in that 1998 published book Adventures in A TV nation firmly, the 2004 under the title Hurra America! also in Germany appeared. The transmission won several honors, under it a Emmy.

The Awful Truth

1999and 2000 produced and moderated moorlands two relays of the Polit satire The Awful Truth, which was called of of Los Angeles the Time „most intelligent and funniest show on the television “. Moorlands one described as „Skandalmacher, author and a documentary film producer “. Alsothis transmission won several prices, under it „the Hugh M. Hefner roofridge Amendment Award “in the category art and maintenance. Besides it received the bronze rose from Luzern and two Emmy nominating. The German version became under the title The Awful Truth- Michael of moorlands and the terrible truth about America! for the Austrian transmitter ATVplus synchronizes and taken by this in the program.[1]

with several music tie-clips direction led music videos of moorlands, for example so for the Songs „Sleep Nowinto the Fire “and „Testify “the political skirt volume rises up Against the Machine. Here the opportunity noticed moorlands to represent its view on the two-party system of the USA and George W. Bush anzuprangern. Moorlands during the turning work too „Sleep was arrestedNow into the Fire “, since those played volume live before the barrier Street, for which no permission had been given. The moreover one produced moorlands videos for volume the R.E.M. („Universe the way ton of Reno “) and system OF A down („boom “). InIt concerns to the latter thematically the demonstrations against the wars in the Iraq and into Afghanistan.


of transverse shots

of moorland first, at that time little well-known book was transverse shots - Downsize This!and 1996 appeared (and 1997as if revised edition in the USA), became however only 2003, to which success translates of Stupid White Men, into German.

Hurra America!

Hurra America!in the year 1998 under the original title „Adventures wrote moorlands in A TVNation “. His Mrs. Kathleen Glynn functioned with this book as a CO authoress. In the book the adventures, which experienced it in the transmission „TV nation “, are described.

Stupid White Men

its world-wide success book „Stupid White Men “(2001) arrangesitself, again in an documentary-sow-Irish style, primarily held against the political elite in the United States, the there racial discrimination and of it diagnosed social cold weather. George W. speaks moorlands in connection with the first choice Bush to the president of the USAof „electoral fraud “. The book held itself more than one year on the best-seller list the New York Time, created it in several countries at place one the best-seller Charts and in Great Britain to the book of the yearly was selected.

Full covering, Mr. Bush

its fourth book full covering, Mr. Bush (English. Dude, Where's My Country?) October 2003 in the USA and in the middle of was published November 2003 in Germany. It is above all an account with from GeorgeW. Bush led Iraq war. The book kept itself six weeks long place one of US best-seller lists.

betraying and - letters of the front betraying

and sold - letters of the front is sold moorland fifthBook, which appeared 2004. In him it publishes among other things letters of soldiers from the Iraq war, whom it got dispatched.

Fahrenheit 9/11 - the book to the film

Fahrenheit 9/11 - the book to the film contains factsand sources to the film Fahrenheit 9/11, in addition, the film script and reactions.


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