Michael cutter

of these articles acts of the writer. For the problem composer of the same name in chess see Johann Bernhard Michael cutter

Michael cutter (* 4. April 1943 in king mountain) is a German writer.


Michael cutter is the son of the composer and A conductor refuge cutter, its brother is the writer Peter Schneider. End of war fled the family to West Germany, and Michael cutter buildup in Grainau/Upper Bavaria and in Freiburg in mash gau . After the Abitur it began a study of the natural sciences at the universitiesin Freiburg in mash gau and in Paris, which it 1968 broke off, in order to change to the free university in West Berlin. There it studied philosophy, sociology and religion science. At the same time it engaged in the student movement and wasas a political journalist actively. After its graduationin the year 1974 he was a lector in the car brook publishing house in Berlin and from 1975 to 1978 Dramaturg at the hessian national theatre in Wiesbaden. Since 1991 are a cutter lecturer at the film academy Baden-Wuerttemberg, since 1995 as a professor in the specialist area film script. Beside his political-essayistic works hasCutter also erzählerische works writes.

Michael cutter, that member of the federation of German writers, the PEN - Center of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Humboldt society is, kept beside different literature-tip-served 1980 the aspect literary award.


  • neurosis and class warfare, Reinbek with Hamburg 1973
  • thoselong rage to the long march, Reinbek wrongly with Hamburg
  • 1975 the mirror cabinet, Munich
  • 1980 the head touched down or the melancholische left one, Darmstadt [among other things] 1981
  • the ghost of the Apokalypse and the living men of the fall, Frankfurt/Main 1984
  • only dead fish swimwith the river, Cologne 1984
  • the compensation or like one a lost war wins, Cologne 1985
  • case of dream, Cologne 1987
  • Iwan the German, Frankfurt/Main 1989 (together with Rady fish)
  • the “enterprise Barbarossa”, Frankfurt/Main 1989
  • the driven offRevolution, Berlin 1990
  • the end of a century myth, Cologne 1992
  • the dream of the reason, Cologne 2001
  • before the trick comes the book, Gerlingen 2001

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