Michael clock man

Michael clock man

Michael clock man (* 16. September 1978 in way-separate) is a German ski Springer. To 4.4.2006 he became father of a daughter: Leni Viktoria.

Clock man is a civil servant with the Federal Border Police. It won so far a Worldcup in the single in Zakopane in the season 2003/04, as well as the olympic gold medal with the crew in salt Lake town center (2002), the world champion title with the crew on largedigs and the bronze medal with the crew on normaldigs with the Nordi ski world championships 2001 as well as the silver medal with the crew of normaldigs with the Nordi ski world championships 2005 in Colonel village. 2006 it won the bronze medal surprisingly with the German crew with the Skiflug WM in bath Mitterndorf (Kulm).

Already as a young person it could secure in the years 1995, 1996 and 1998 three times the title as junior world champions in the team and became besides in the year 1996 also junior world champion in the single jumping.

After clock man was already member of the Presidential Election Council with the last Federal President choice, he is now active as Ambassadors Niederbayerns.

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