Michael William Balfe

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Michael William Balfe (* 15. May 1808 in Dublin; † 20. October 1870 in Rowney Abbey with London) was an Irish composer , Violinist, an opera singer and a conductor.

personal record

Balfe became in the Pitt Street No. 10 in Dublin as a son of the dance teacher William Balfe (1783-1823) and Catherine (Ryan) Balfe, a niece of the composer, Libretisten and feeler gauge Leonard McNally (1752-1820) born. Already early it showed musical gift, it took playing the violin instruction with James bar clay/tone and the composer William Rooke (1794-1847). it appeared to 1817 at the age of nine years the first time publicly as Violinist.

After the early death of its father it pulled 1823 to London, where it was informed by Charles horn (1786-1849) and its father Karl Friedrich horn (1762-1830). it pulled 1825 to Paris. There he learned and others Rossini knows, on whose recommendation he went for some years to Italy, where he perfected his musical training and the Hungarian singer Magdalena Roser ( 1806-1888) married 1831. Its first appearance at the citizens of Milan Scala was in May 1834 in the Rossini'sOtello “.

Returned to Paris it debütierte immediately as a singer in the Rossini's “that bar beer of Sevilla”. To a short stay 1835 in England, he returned to Italy. At the citizens of Milan Scala he transferred a part to the Rossini's opera “Othello”. First successful own compositions excited large attention. In the future Balfe worked mainly in France and England. With its most successful opera “The Bohemian Girl” he celebrated large triumphs beyond that also in the USA and in completely Europe. In the German-speaking countries the opera under the title “the gypsy” was specified. As a conductor it gastierte very successfully among other things in Austria, Italy and Russia.


, Balladen, songs as well as chamber music covers works its kompositorisches work. However a too large influence of the works Rossini on its early compositions was accused to him, who lost itself later however. Balfe developed soon its own kompositorischen style, which met the time taste of its international public. It is regarded as the outstanding Irish opera composer of its time.

It composed numerous works, under it 28 operas.

  • The Lover's Mistake/Young Fanny, 1822 of Isaac Willis, Westmoreland Street, Dublin publishes.
  • The of victories OF Rochelle, premiere on 27 October 1835 at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane (first opera)
  • The Maid OF Artois, premiere 27. May 1836 in the Drury Lane theatre London.
  • Kantate Sempre pensoso e torbido
  • “The Prayer OF the nation” 1838, perhaps for the coronation/culmination of queen Victoria.
  • Falstaff, London 1838
  • “La Zingara”, Triest 1854. German as “the gypsy”, premiere 1846 in Vienna, thereafter performances in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Darmstadt, Munich and Stuttgart.
  • La Sonnambula, premiere at the Teatro Malibran, 8. April 1835
  • The Daughter OF pc. Mark, opera. Text from Alfred Bunn after the libretto “La pure one de Chypre” of Jules Henri Vernoy Marquis de Saint Georges, Uraufführung to 27. Nov. 1844 in London, Drury Lane. The opera treats the life of Katharina Cornaro.

Further works:

  • ” I Rivali the SE stessi”
  • ” Un Avertimento ai Gelosi”
  • ” Catherine Grey”
  • ” Joan OF Arc”
  • ” The Bohemian Girl”
  • ” Les quatre fils Aymon”
  • of” pit gates e Duca”
  • ” L´etoile de Séville”
  • ” The maid OF honour”
  • ” The rose OF Castille”
  • ” The Puritan´s more daughter”
  • ” Blanche de Nevers”
  • ” The Amourers OF Nantes”
  • ” IL Talismano”

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