Michaela village master

Michaela village master (* 25. March 1973 in Vienna) is a former Austrian Skirennläuferin. She became twice world champion, twice Olympiasiegerin, won once the Gesamtweltcup, ever twice the departures - Worldcup and the super g - Worldcup as well as once the Riesenslalom - Worldcup.

Their first four Lebensjahre spent village masters in Vienna, to it then with its family after Neusiedl (municipality Waidmannsfeld) drew; there she learned also the ski driving. When it was 14 years old, it began training at the ski professional school in Schladming. 1990 were it Austrian Jugendmeisterin in the departure and in the slalom. In the same year it participated for the first time in the Austrian championships and left with the super g completely surprisingly all older competitor inside behind itself.

1991 participated village masters for the first time in a Worldcup - running. The way to the world point lasted however over four years. She celebrated their first Weltcupsieg to 16. December 1995 in the departure of pc. Anton at the Arlberg. With the olympic winter plays 1998 in Nagano it won the silver medal in the super g, on the Olympiasiegerin Picabo Street lost it only one hundredth of a second. Two further medals followed at the ski WM 1999 in Vail, silver in the departure and bronze in the super g.

Although it did not win less than eight Weltcuprennen during the season 1999/2000, it was only enough in the Gesamtweltcup for the second place behind Renate Götschl; however it could decide the discipline Worldcup in the Riesenslalom for itself. At the ski WM 2001 in pc. Anton at the Arlberg won it the gold medal in the departure.

2001/2002 proved to village master as the kompletteste Skiläuferin of the season and won with large projection/lead the Gesamtweltcup. With the olympic winter plays 2002 in salt Lake town center could become not fair it however their clear favorite role and achieved only the places 4 (Riesenslalom), 5 (combination) and 6 (departure), rather disappointing for it.

At the ski WM 2003 in St.Moritz she became for the second time world champion, this time in the super g. In the same year it decided also the discipline Worldcup in the departure for itself and to the Austrian Sportlerin of the yearly was selected.

After the season 2003/2004 for their conditions had passed rather moderately, it returned in the season 2004/05 following on it to the old strength and won the discipline Worldcup in the super g. The ski WM 2005 in Santa Caterina proved however as large disappointment, because village master separated in all three running, to whom it had begun.

With the departure run of the supercombination to 22. Jänner 2006 in pc. Moritz escaped village master only with very much luck a heavy accident. A negligent distance post, which had interpreted a radiogram wrong, had driven on the runway, when village master still on the way was. Only because it raised in the last moment right ski, it could prevent a consequence-fraught collision.

With the olympic winter plays 2006 it won in San Sicario to 15. February 2006 the gold medal in the departure as well as to 20. February 2006 in the super g. After Petra Kronberger is it the second Austrian, who could win two alpine gold medals with olympic plays.

In the season 2005/2006 it could already prematurely secure itself the discipline Worldcup in the departure and in the super g. With the giant gate run in Åre to 19. March 2006 terminated it its 14-jährige active running career.


olympic winter plays 2006 in Turin

  • gold in the departure
  • gold in the super g

olympic winter plays 1998 in Nagano

  • silver in the super g

alpine ski world championship 1999 in Vail/Beever Creek:

  • Silver in the departure
  • bronze in the super g

alpine ski world championship 2001 in pc. Anton:

  • Gold in the departure

alpine ski world championship 2003 in pc. Moritz

  • gold in the super g


  • 1x Gesamtweltcup (2002)
  • 2x Abfahrtsweltcup (2003, 2006)
  • 2x super G Worldcup (2005, 2006)
  • 1x Riesenslalomweltcup (2000)
  • 25 Einzelweltcupsiege (7 departure, 10 super g, 8 Riesenslalom)

victories with Weltcuprennen

Date place country discipline
16. December 1995 pc. Anton Austria departure
6. March 1999 pc. Moritz Switzerland super g
4. December 1999 Serre Chevalier France Riesenslalom
9. December 1999 Val d'Isère France Riesenslalom
5. Jänner 2000 Maribor Slovenia Riesenslalom
8. Jänner 2000 Berchtesgaden Germany Riesenslalom
11. February 2000 Santa Caterina Italy super g
24. November 2000 Aspen the USA super g
9. December 2000 Sestriere Italy Riesenslalom
27. October 2001 Sölden Austria Riesenslalom
19. Jänner 2002 Berchtesgaden Germany Riesenslalom
31. Jänner 2002 Åre Sweden Riesenslalom
6. March 2002 Altenmarkt Zauchensee Austria departure
7. March 2002 Altenmarkt Zauchensee Austria super g
21. December 2002 Lenzerheide Switzerland departure
1. March 2003 Innsbruck Austria departure
5. December 2004 Lake Louise Canada super g
6. Jänner 2005 Santa Caterina Italy departure
16. Jänner 2005 Cortina d'Ampezzo Italy departure
19. February 2005 Åre Sweden super g
11. March 2005 Lenzerheide Switzerland super g
18. December 2005 Val d'Isère France super g
20. Jänner 2006 pc. Moritz Switzerland super g
21. Jänner 2006 pc. Moritz Switzerland departure
3. March 2006 Hafjell Norway super g *

* at the same time with Lindsey Kildow and Nadia Styger

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