Mikhail Michailowitsch Speranski

count Mikhail Michailowitsch Speranski (Russian МихаилМихайловичСперанский, wiss. Transliteration Mikhail Michajlowič Speranskij; * 12. January 1772 in Tscherkutino, Oblast Vladimir; † 23. February 1839 in sank Petersburg) was an important Russian statesman and liberal Reformer.

Speranski, a former seminarist, was from 1807 to 1812 a most influential advisor Zar Alexanders I., in its order it a fundamental constitutional reform on the basis of strict force separation and abolition of the body characteristic compiled, which was however never accepted. After its fall 1812 - it was accused of of co-operation with the Frenchmen - it was banished to Siberia.

1816 it returned to the government service, became governor von Penza and 1819 governor general of Siberia. Only 1821 it turned after sank Petersburg back and the member of the realm advice was appointed. Under Nikolaus I. it was responsible for the coding of the Russian laws (1833).


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