Michel de Granmont

Michel de Granmont (also: Grammont, *? , † 1686) were probably a French Pirat and Kaperfahrer in the Karibik.

The early Lebensjahre of the Chevalier de Granmont are unclear. It had to leave Paris because of a duel scandal, and so it kommandierte soon a French Kaperschiff in the Karibik.

He stated four large raids of allied Piraten, against Maracaibo (1678), Caracas (1680), Veracruz (1683) and Campeche (1685). Its first enterprise against Maracaibo became a miss. The Spaniards fetched themselves in bloody combat their property back. But Granmonts call was nevertheless good due to personal bravery. Together with among other things the Dutch Piraten Nicolás van Hoorn and Laurent de count he attacked 1683 Veracruz , at that time second-strongest of all Spanish ports Americas. With a ruse its people got along into the city, plünderten them within 24 hours and disappeared, before a strong Spanish army was there. With itself they took 1500 Spaniards, who had remained guilty their ransom.

When Granmont was appointed from the French king to the governor, he left Tortuga, in order to begin its post. Its death is just as unclear as its birth. It was separated in the storm from the other ships and came nowhere on (1686).

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