Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Marie Rodriguez (* 12. July 1978 in the Bexar County, Texas) is an US-American actress.

Michelle Rodriguez was born in Texas. Starting from the respected Lebensjahr it lived in the homeland of its parents, Puerto Rico, turned however with 16 back into the USA.

After some smaller Nebenrollen them became with their first main role in the film Girlfight admit, for which she had to become generally accepted with the Casting against 3500 applicant inside. For their representation of the Diana Guzman Rodriguez with a Independent mirror-image-guessed/advised Award in the category „Best debut performance “as well as one national board OF Review Award in the category „Breakout performance OF the Year “considered.

After Girlfight further roles in Actionfilmen followed such as The nearly and the Furious (2001), resident Evil (2002) and S.W.A.T. (2003) as well as in the Surferfilm Blue Crush (2002).

Since 2005 it plays in the TV serial draws also. Because of drunkennessness to tax was condemned it in April 2006 on Hawaii to 5 days prison.


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  • draws (to TV serial, since 2005)

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