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base data
pointed name: Wolverine state
(Wolverine State); Great Lake State
capital: Lansing
largest city: Detroit
rank (within the USA): 11
altogether: 250,941 km ²
country: 147,255 km ²
water (%): 103.687 km ² (41.3%)
rank (within the USA): 8
altogether (2000): 9.938.444
density: 40/km ²
member state
place: 26
since: 26. January 1837
time belt: Eastern: UTC-5/-4
degree of latitude: 41°41'N to 47°30'N
degree of longitude: 82°26'W to 90°31'W
broad: 385 km
length: 790 km
highest situation: 603 m
average situation: 275 m
deepest situation: 174 m
governor: Jennifer Granholm
postal: MI
ISO 3166-2: US-MI

Michigan [ˈmɪʃɪgən] is in State of the United States of America.

Michigan (indian. in addition, large lake) is well-known as place of birth of the automobile industry, possesses large tourism - an industry. Destinations such as cross beam town center, Mackinac Iceland and the entire upper peninsula pullSportsman and nature lover from the whole USA and Canada on. Michigan has the longest coast of a US Federal State with exception of Alaska and is the Federal State with most sport boats.

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once an important supplier of wood, iron and copper, Michigan became after acceptance of natural resources at the beginning of the 20. Century for the place of birth of the automobile industry. Henry Ford first address in Highland park, a suburb of Detroit, marked the beginning of a new era in the transportation of passengers and changed the social climate of the USA durably. Although still many automakerstheir addresses in Detroit have, the city after the Second World War its supremacy in this area lost, since many automakers left the large trade areas and because of the lower wages new addresses in the Southern States and abroad based.

early ones European history

  • 1622 reached Etienne Brule and its companion Grenoble, French discoverers, as probably first white ones the upper lake.
  • 1701 created Antoine de Lamothe Cadillac and its second lieutenant Alphonse de Tonty in the place of the today's Detroit an outguard, whom they called away Pontchartrain.

US-American history

  • 1805 from the Indianaterritorium was created the Michigan territory, with Detroit as seat of the government and William cladding as a governor. Detroit was destroyed by a fire.
  • 1812 after outbreak of the War of 1812 British troops under Sir Isaac forced break Brigadier General into Hulls army in Detroit to the surrender and kept parts of Michigan occupied, to them by the American victory in the battle on the Eriesee in the autumn 1813 forced to the retreatbecame. By the battle at the Thames River also the strength of the Indians one broke.
  • 1835 first condition-giving meeting. The governor, Steven T. Mason, promoted a controversy with Ohio over the affiliation of the city Toledo, later than Toledo warone designated. Ohio, which was represented already as Federal State in the congress, reached the joggle Masons and the acknowledgment of the requirement on Toledo, but Michigan received the western part of the upper Halbinsels, which belonged so far to the Wisconsin territory as remuneration. Under thatnew condition, which was approved of by congress of US, Mason became again governor, after he won the choice. (The governors were appointed so far by the Federal Government.)

further one important historical events



Karte Michigans
map of Michigan

Michigan borders in the south on Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, in the southwestthe upper peninsula at Minnesota and Wisconsin. Besides it borders on the upper lake, Michigan lake, Huronsee and Eriesee.

Michigan consists only by the Mackinac the bridge of two peninsulas, the upper ones and the lower peninsula, connectedare. Over 80% of the population of Michigan live in the southernmost third of the lower peninsula. The remaining areas are thinly populated and partly swampy.

The climate of Michigan takes world-wide a privileged position, since it is maritime damp (by the large seas), butcontinental variations in temperature with very hot summers and very cold winters exhibits.

The upper peninsula is rich at Bodenschätzen such as iron, silver and copper. Also smaller Goldvorkommen were discovered. In 19. Century dominated mining industry the economy of the upperPeninsulas. Because of the climate one finds little agriculture on the upper peninsula. The tourism is in the meantime the largest industry.

largest cities

city County inhabitant
1. April 2000 1. July 2004
Detroit Wayne 951,270 900,198
Grand Rapids Kent 197.800 195,115
Warren Macomb 138,247 136,118
Flint gene lake 124,943 119,716
Sterling Heights Macomb 124,471 127,476
Lansing Ingham 119,128 116,941
Ann Arbor Washtenaw 114,024 113,567
Livonia Wayne 100,545 98,936
Dearborn Wayne 97,775 95,470
Westland Wayne 86,602 86,316
Farmington Hills Oakland 82.111 80,787
Troy Oakland 80,959 81,432
Southfield Oakland 78,296 77,491
Kalamazoo Kalamazoo 77,145 73,960
Wyoming Kent of 69,368 70,300
smelling esters Hills Oakland 68,825 69,480
Pontiac Oakland 66,337 67,582
Taylor Wayne 65,868 65,383
Saint Clair Shores Macomb 63,096 61,864
Saginaw Saginaw 61,799 59.045
Royal Oak Oakland 60,062 58,573
Dearborn Heights Wayne 58,264 56,828
Battle Creek Calhoun 53,364 53,399
Roseville Macomb 48,129 47,960
Novi Oakland 47,386 51,934

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