Mickey Gilley

Mickey Gilley (* 9. March 1936 in Natchez, Mississippi) is an US-American Country singer and pianist.

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already Mickey made music as a child together with its cousins Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart. With appearances in churches one played Gospel music, on school celebrations Boogie Woogie. He married early, fallow the school off and accepted simple jobs. After Jerry Lee Lewis had ascended to one the largest star of the Rock'n'Roll, Mickey decided, to likewise try it as professional musicians.

With smaller labels it brought some Singles in, which sold themselves however only in the closer environment. In the club scene of Texas and Louis IANA he achieved a certain admitting heating degree, however never created it to out-step from the shade of its famous cousin. A first smaller success glückte it 1968 with Now I CAN live Again.


it opened career in Pasadena together with a partner “Gilley's”, a club of enormous extent (“The World's Biggest Honky Tonk”). Allegedly, in order to platzieren into the there Jukebox an own single, 1974 in the own astrolabel the Cover version of an old George Morgan hit, Rooom fill OF Roses, brought in. Hugh Hefners Playboy label took over the selling. For general surprise the Song up to place unity of the Country Charts advanced and noted even in the Pop Hitparade.

A long number of further Top hits followed. 1978 gave the Playboy label up the record business and Gilley changed to Epic. 1980 were turned the film Urban cowboy ( with John Travolta), who moved the Country scene isolated up to then over night into the focus of the public interest. The key scenes of the film were turned in the Gilley's club, Mickey got opportunity to appearances. For short time it reached the status of a superstar. Its single conditions By ME created it in the same year to the point of the Country Charts, just like True Love Ways and That's universe That Matters ton of ME. He got his own radio show, “live From Gilley's” and received numerous honors.

Its Erfolgsträhne continued until the end of the eighties. Then Gilley came into financial difficulties and had to give its club up (burned down a little later). In Branson, Missouri it operated a theatre and later a cafe. Besides it supported different disadvantaged ones and fringe groups, among other things for Hank Snow 's “Child Abuse find”.

Diskografie (albums)

  • 1964 - Lonely Wine (astro)
  • 1967 - down The LINE (Paula)
  • 1974 - Room fill OF Roses (Playboy)
  • 1974 - town center Lights (Playboy)
  • 1975 - Mickey's Movin' on (Playboy)
  • 1975 - Overnight sensation (Playboy)
  • 1975 - game simmers OF would run (Pickhill)
  • 1976 - Gilley's Smokin' (Playboy)
  • 1977 - roofridge Class (Epic)
  • 1978 - Flyin' High (Epic)
  • 1978 - The Songs incoming goods larva Love ton (Epic)
  • 1979 - Mickey Gilley (Epic)
  • 1980 - That's universe That Matters ton of ME (Epic)
  • 1980 - Encore (Epic)
  • 1981 - You Don't Know ME (Epic)
  • 1981 - Christmas RK Gilley's (Epic)
  • 1982 - PUT Your Dreams Away (Epic)
  • 1983 - Fool For Your Love (Epic)
  • 1983 - You've Really Got A Hold on ME (Epic)
  • 1984 - It Takes Believers (Epic)
  • 1984 - Too Good ton stop Now (Epic)
  • 1985 - I Feel Good (About Lovin' You) (Epic)
  • 1985 - live RK Gilley's (Epic)
  • 1986 - I Love Country (Epic)
  • 1986 - One and Only (Epic)
  • 1987 - bake tons of Basics (Epic)

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