Mickey Spillane

franc Michael Morrison Spillane (* 9. March 1918 in New Yorker quarters the Brooklyn) is an US-American crime film writer and Comic - Texter.


3 Web on the left of before the Second World War as Comic Texter and. A. for Captain America and wrote Kurzgeschichten for groschen booklets. During wartime he came to the Air Force and became the combat pilot teacher. In order to come to the war to the business startup at money, it wrote in shortest time its first novel with his most well-known hero, the private detective Mike hammer to 1947.

Mickey Spillane worked into the 50ern occasionally at the circus than Trampolinartist and “living cannon ball”, than running driver, treasure diver and than Filmschauspieler. 1963 it played in a production even its own hero Mike hammer and had into the 70ern a guest appearance with Columbo.

Spillane is to have worked even briefly for the American FBI. A secret agent named tiger man was anyhow the hero in four of his novels from 1964 to 1967, its only further series character, which carried for the agent boom around James bond at the time calculation.

And also in the category of the child and youth books he worked as an author. The 1979 published book “the day, on which the sea disappeared”, into it a history around a nature phenomenon even experienced told, even with the junior Literary Guild Award were distinguished.

Mickey Spillane received the Grand master Award for its contribution to the crime film literature 1995 from the Mystery Writers OF America.

Mike hammer

hammer be based on an earlier Comic figure of Spillane named Mike Danger and is a continuation of the hardsimmered American Grossstadtschnüffler à la SAM Spade (Dashiell Hammett) and Philip Marlowe (Raymond Chandler). It is compromise and more scruplesless than its predecessors and its adventures distinguishes an often criticized act of violence. This justifies the author however with the fact that he for the clientele war veterans write, who know to deal with the brutality.

While Spillanes became and found first novel I , who started correctly judges slowly and also only as paperback, the further hammer adventures giant successes by the dozen a million-public. To 1965 seven of its books belonged to the 30 usually-sold books 20. Century in the USA and despite a publication break between 1953 and 1961. Until today by Spillane altogether over 200 million books were sold.

Mike hammer brought it to several filmings with changing actors. The first filming found 1953 under the title of the judges is I as 3D-Film . In the film „the killer represented gekillt “(The Girl Hunters, 1963) its detective even once to Spillane. The most well-known embodiment of the detective is however probably Stacy Keach, which played it from 1984 to 1987 and end of the 90's in altogether 72 consequences of a TV serial and in television films.


(incomplete, the books partly under other titles again-published)

Mike hammer

  • I, the jury. 1947 (the first case; German: I, the judge)
  • Vengeance Is mine. 1950 (German: The revenge is mine)
  • My Gun Is Quick. 1950 (German: The wasp nest)
  • Kiss ME, Deadly. 1952 (largest success; German: Rhapsody in lead)
  • The Girl Hunters. 1962 (German: The girl hunters)
  • Survival… Zero!. 1970 (the provisional series end; German: Escape is senselessly)
  • The Killing one. 1989 (the first comeback; German: Dead ones do not know a grace)
  • Black Alley. 1996 (the second comeback; German: Death with interest)

tiger man

  • The Day OF the Guns. 1964 (German: The tiger is the matter)
  • Bloody Sunrise. 1965 (German: Blood in the sun)
  • The Death Dealers. 1965 (German: Under three eyes)
  • The bypass control. 1966 (German: The one-man war)


  • The Day the Sea Rolled bake. 1979 (German: The day at that the sea disappeared)

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