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of these articles treats the indication trick and Comicfigur Micky mouse. For the magazine of the same name see Micky mouse (magazine).
Roll Disney and his creation Micky mouse as statues in Disneyland Resort Paris

Micky mouse is the German name thatof roll Disney created indication trick - and Comic - figure Mickey Mouse.

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although Micky mouse, which its creator calls at the beginning of Mortimer Mouse, already in the silent movie if tarpaulin Crazy wanted emerged, it reached its large admittingness only by the film Steamboat Willie, to 18. November 1928 in the New Yorker Colony Theatre was uraufgeführt. This date is considered also as birthday of Micky mouse.Already in Steamboat Willie dipped also Mickys of later adversaries „Peg present Pete “(Kater Karlo).

The popularity of this film was not in the fact justified last that it was the first Zeichentrickfilm with clay/tone. The voice that there its friendMin ever protective mouse, of rolls Disney was not, and its desire to let also all this hear would have ruined it nearly. With the clay/tone photographs the glass tubes of the amplifier had given their spirit up, and the small Studio of Disney, itsBrother Roy and its partner practice Iwerks stood thereby before the failure. Roll sold his car, in order to be able to produce voice and orchestra company.

Disney was more or less „forced by outside circumstances “to develop this figure at all. Up to thenhe had earned the Lucky Rabbit “its money with the quite successful „Oswald. It had lost the rights to it however after a law case to its former Finanziers. Thereupon it is in co-operation with practices Iwerks, thus until todaytold history, the Comic mouse Mortimer devised. His Mrs. Lillian found the names too blown up and suggested Mickey.

After Mickys large successes in spätern and the 30's 20's, finally original Nebenfiguren reached like the 1934 invented Donald duckslarger popularity. Starting from the 1940er years therefore only few films with Micky mouse in the main role developed.

1940 should tie Micky mouse with its appearance as a magician's apprentice in the filmFantasia “to earlier success. InColor and with stereophonic sound showed the film techniques of the animation, which were innovative at that time. The film became however a flop and did not bring its production costs in first not. Only later reperformances starting from the 1960er years brought success.

Mickey Mouse is beside Donald duck, reprimanding advice and the Simpsons the one of the few trickfilm and/or. Comicfiguren, which it to a star on the famous mill OF Fame in Hollywood brought.


Disney had already with the marketingthe lucky hare first experiences made to develop a figure as mark; with Micky the Merchandising became an enormous business. 1930 appeared first licensed product: against a fee of 300 dollar was allowed to print an enterprise on school briefcases with the mouse.Three years later mark power had grown in such a way that it could save a whole enterprise. The Uhrenfabrik Ingersoll Waterbury resisted the surely threatening failure owing to the license for the production of Mickey Mouse clocks. Within fewer years Disney with such business earned millions.


only two years after its canvas debut, to 13. January 1930, appeared the first Comic with Micky mouse in American daily papers, soon read world-wide millions humans stories. The newspaper Comicstrips became to a large extent of Floyd Gottfredsondrawn, the figures from the films took over (e.g.Goofy) and new developed. For the Comichefte was in particular Paul Murry of importance.

European draughtsmen

starting from 1950 in Europe a high demand for Disney Comics developed there, alsothe material from America not to be satisfied knew, starting from the 1950ern many Comics in Italy were drawn. In particular Romano Scarpa, which leaned graphically against Gottfredson, developed many Disney figures further to today in Europe admitted. From it comese.g. the Trenchcoat - basic private detective Micky mouse.

Today's mouse stories, in the merry paperback, are particularly criticized by fans often violently. Mickys a character changed from the respectable detective with sharp understanding to a rather childlike mind. Symbolically to it the break standsof respectable clothes such as Polohemd, fly and long trousers back to the short, red trousers with the two yellow buttons, which it carried in the frühren Trickfilmen. An example of these stories is attack of the giant penguins in the merry paperback No. 302,with this character change began. Verworrene history around mutated increasing penguins, is regarded of many fans as one of worst Micky mouse stories. In the Comicforum this Micky got the pointed name Kaschperl Micky, in order to differentiate it from the original respectable detective to.To the draughtsman of the Kaschperls belong among other things the draughtsmen Joaquin and Miguel, who said in an interview that the return to the “old” mouse was quasi a regulation “from above”.


after the original legal regulations of the USAMickey Mouse would be today no more mark-legally protected product. The extension of the protection was made possible for the “Sonny in such a way specified Bono copyright term Extension act “however by a law change.

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