Miguel Primo de Rivera

Miguel Primo de Rivera y Orbaneja
Miguel Primo de Rivera y Orbaneja

Miguel Primo de Rivera, Marqués de Estella (* 8. January 1870 in Jerez de la Frontera; † 16. March 1930 in Paris) was a Spanish general and dictator.

Miguel Primo de Rivera acquired itself its military fame between 1895 and 1913 in the fights in the Spanish colonies at that time Cuba, the Philippines and Spanish Morocco. it, from the population predominantly rejected, worked 1922-1923 as a general captain of Katalonien.

In arrangement with king Alfons XIII. established it to 13. September 1923 a military dictatorship lasting over six years. After initial successes like the crucial victory over the insurgent ones in Morocco during Alhucemas and a certain economic upswing Primo de Rivera had to 28. January 1930 withdraw, in order to avoid unrests and rebellions: It had always defined its dictatorship as limited. Therefore it was, the longer it continued to keep ever more difficult. With the elections from 1931 Spain became the Republic of (second Spanish republic).

Primo de Riveras children José Antonio (geb. 1903) and Pilar (geb. 1909) 1933 created the Spanish fascist movement Falange.

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