Mikael Forssell

Mikael Forssell (* 15. March 1981 in stone ford, Germany) is a Finnish football player.

Since 1998 Forssell stood with Chelsea London under contract. Its contract originally ran up to 30. June 2007. Since 1999 Forssell plays regularly in the Finnish national soccer team and became since then from Chelsea London at Crystal Palace F.C. (1999 - 2001), at Borussia Moenchengladbach (February 2003 - June 2003) and Birmingham town center (August 2003 - December 2004) lent.

Im Sommer 2005 wurde er für 4,5 Millionen € an Birmingham City verkauft.

During its time with Borussia Moenchengladbach obtained Forssell for Borussia in 16 federal league plays of 7 gates. it landed 2003 with the choice to of Germany soccer player of the yearly on that 12. Rank.

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