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Michael Edward Love (* 15. March 1941 in Los Angeles, California), better admits than Mike Love, is an American musician. It was initial member and Lead singer the US volumes The Beach Boys. Mike Love created those volume with its three cousins Brian Wilson, Dennis Wilson and Carl Wilson as well as with Brians schoolmate Alan Jardine. Mikes nut/mother was the sister of Murry Wilson (father of Brian, Dennis and Carl and Manager of the Beach Boys of 1961-1965). Mikes nut/mother could play no instrument, loved music however. She organized again and again small concerts with those Mike, often with its cousins, arose. When Mike was 9 years old wrote he a Song, which Brian sang with one this to concert evenings.

Mike Love was the oldest Beach Boys. He therefore often saw himself as the language pipe volume to that and felt responsible for its volume colleagues.

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work on] to music with the Beach Boys Mike to the Songs at the beginning. The topics of those its texts acted were mostly the life at the beach and love. Mikes of texts described the California way of life, the beauty of the local resident girls (as in California girls).

The Beach Boys, under Frühung new managers of the Jack Rieley, wanted to free itself beginning of the 70's from the “beach boy image”. At this time Mike of one was the jenigen, which began to write over the problems of the environment and the youth. After hitting successes of the Compilation albums in the middle of the 70's (Endless buzzer), on which Mike with the title selection was involved, set evenly this always the nostalgia bonus. Above all the texts of the 1980er and 1990er years besingen the good old time of the youth and friendship. Also these texts led to the fact that the Beach Boys became their own Revival show. Particularly to the appearance nostalgia comes on the album “buzzer into Paradise “(1992), which the last Beach Boys album was simultaneous, on which new material appeared. Mike besingt therein the beautiful girls, the Surfer and the world, who were in former times simply better.

The first Beach Boys Song, which Mike Love wrote independently, was “bends Sur” and came on the 1973er album “Holland”. With “Everyone into love with you” (a Huldigung at the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) and “Sumahama” (a Huldigung at Japan) came 2 further Love Songs on Beach Boys albums of the 70's. Sumahama wúrde with the reached place #45 of the UK-Charts even a small hit (Sumahama is not japanischis word, is in Japan however as description for the white beaches well-known.)

in the middle of the 1980er years began to work Love with Terry milk ago. The duo could book 4 Chart titles for itself (under it also “Kokomo”, the last No. 1 hit for the Beach Boys, 1988).

outside of the Beach Boys

1977 began to worry Mike Love about projects outside of that volume. It based with the half crew of the Beach Boys route /u. Studioband the volume “Celebration” (among them Ron were old brook, Mike Kowalski, OD Carter among other things). “Celebration” should bring first only the sound TRACKs in to the film “Almost buzzer”. But as the single of the same name at place #28 of the US-Billboard-Charts decided the volume climbed to bring an entire album in. 4 Songs of Celebration were built into the Beach Boys of concerts with. The remaining “regular” Beach Boys of members always left thereby the stage and returned to the 4 Songs on the stage.

In the same year Mike Love tried to seize as soloist foot. It took up first the album “roofridge Love” and a little later “Country Love”. The albums contained many of Mike Love composed Songs. They were rejected throughout however by the disk companies for lack of quality.

1979 followed a second album of Celebration (with gleichn. Title), which floppte however like the uncoupled single “star baby”.

it published 1981 with “Looking bakes with love “nevertheless finally a solo album. On that 2. Attempt was contained only one than CO author of written titles. The album was rejected by critics and by fans! This remained being only trip as “soloist”.


Mike Love was considered long years as the “baths Boy” to the group. During the initial years it enjoyed the route life. It and Dennis pulled from restaurants to restaurants, diverted themselves gladly with female fans and had a quantity affairs. An affair of Mike became more schwanger and bore 1964 Mikes first daughter, Shawn Love (the 1982 volume colleague Dennis Wilson married). Mike denied the paternity however vehement. In the same year, in Germany, Mike and Dennis were again once on the “Pirsch”, drank much and diverted themselves with prostitutes. Mike by the Zuhälter of the lady was expenditure-robbed, together-struck and spent whether its high alcohol level one night in the prison.

Mike carried out 1967 a turning turn. It follow to India to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi around the Transzendentale Meditation to learn. It was introduced personally by the Maharishi into the TM technology. The Beatles and Donovan took likewise at this course part. Mike makes friends itself in this time with Paul McCartney and George Harrison . Into numerous discussions Paul Mike tried to convince of the fact that the Beach Boys should put in the future more value on the organization of its plate Cover. Another evening played Paul it the half finished new Beatles a Song forwards (bake into the U.S.S.R). Mike gave would throw in again and again to this Song. Thus he meant: “Here you should sing over the girls in Russia” (some text passages from this Song to be supposed even from Mike to originate). Paul avowed Mike like the Plattencover of the Beach Boys to look had and Mike explained Paul, how he should write a Song. Mike spent much time with George Harrison. Both were in the asterisk fish and felt like brothers. Mike and George wrote some Songs together in India, these remained however hidden for the public.

After its return to the USA Mike was new humans. It became calmer, meditierte 2 times daily. It could be grown, like the Maharishi, a long beard and carried also similar clothes as it. The TM in the future also in some Songs one treated.

Mike acquired an enormous messuage in California in which it, as authorized Prediger, courses to TM technology held. In addition Mike used itself again and again for the preservation of the life in the ocean. Mike Love was today already 6 times married until and has some children, from whom likewise some you tried luck as musicians.

Mike Love/the rogue in that volume?

Mikes call is and was not always the best. It became and. A. accused that it vergraulte Brian Wilsons Texter. Begun by Gary Usher over Roger Christian, up to Tony ashtray and Van Dyke park. Ashtrays and parks were involved in the two albums Pet sound and Smile as Texter. This time is regarded today as the create-richest time of Mastermind Brian Wilson. Mike was it, the music and texts of these albums criticized. The reasons were the following: When Brian Wilson withdrew 1965 from the route life, he began to write always aufwändigere Songs which improved Vocal harmonies and more devised arrangements had. Brian used exotic instruments (or would sound no instruments were) and let most pieces of the best Studiomusikern bring in to find was (often musicians were in the Studio) up to 40. The Beach Boys, which was too fifth at the time, stood before the unsolvable task to supply this Songs on the stage autentisch. The Pet sound album and Good vibration (the admission of Good vibration took alone 6 months) were considered long time whether its complexity as unaufführbar. In addition still the circumstance came that the Beach Boys was a Vocalgruppe and showed in the live-instrumentalization some weaknesses. Frequently in Biografien enumerated the reason of Mikes criticism, it would have been enviously on the new text partners of Brian, is not thus not really correct. The created pieces were simply too complex for a 5-Mann-Band. End of the 1960er years ignored those volume therefore to carry some route musicians forward who lightened the nevertheless weak sound of live- that volume somewhat (into the 1970er years became z. B. with 2 Schlagzeugen easily).

Mike tried to transfer end of the 1970er control of the volume, these attempts ended in a Fiasko. After the hit “Kokomo” 1988, in which he was involved as a CO author, was it the opinion that entire success was to due to it - the projects, which it tackled after this success, scheiteren however pitifully.

In the nineties Mike Love led a row at very dirty court processes. It led first against Brian Wilson. Mike had submitted a list with 29 Brian Wilson Songs, in whose creation he was involved before court. He had received no Credit for his work as Texter however. The most careless process ended with a victory Loves. It kept those awarded to co-author shank at 29 Songs and got 5 million dollar at paid percentages of profits (ironical way the straight happened at one time, as which Beach Boys with its album buzzer published in the self-publishing house had lost much money into Paradise). End of the 1990er years, when Alan Jardine stepped out of that volume to be allowed to go (Carl Wilson had died, to Alan went with its own volume “Beach Boys Families & Friends” on route), had itself Mike first the name “Beach Boys” firstrides (in order under this names further on route), afterwards led it a process against Alan Jardine around a change of the volume name “Beach Boys Families & Friends” to obtain.

Despite all disputes Mike Love is today the last initial member of the Beach Boys, which goes together with Bruce John clay/tone (since 1965 BB-member) and a number of young musicians on tour and which Beach Boys receives alive. It concerns thereby around some members of many years that Touring volume (stage volume) in addition, musicians, who originate from “Beach Boys tribute” of volume. The Beach Boys plays, in this occupation, today still about 150 concerts per year. Mike Love is still trailer of the TM movement.

Mike Love is member the “skirt resounds to OF Fame”. In the year 2000 it, like the other still living Beach Boys, received the Grammy for the life's work (after they had rejected the Grammy for Pet sound in the year before as “the best album of the Milleniums”).

new solo album

already in the year 2004 announced Mike Love in several interviews a new solo album. First it placed this Love” the under the title “Unleash, later called it the project in “Mike Love, emergency was” over. This album, which contained 14 Songs, was published however up to the today's day not yet, since it could find so far no disk company those was ready to publish the work.

Beside some new Songs retakes from already 2 are admitted Songs contained on this album („Everyone´s into love with you “, „Brian is bake “). In addition associate also 2 to unpublished Songs. One that Songs is 10.000 years, a work the Mike´s cousin Dennis Wilson in the middle of the 70's wrote. This piece, which was planned either for the Beach Boys or for Dennis solo album at that time, was so far on Bootlegs available and also there was only that instrument old rack to be heard. Fans doubted long time whether this Song had really a text. The poet Steve Kalinich, which had written many Songs with Dennis Wilson, suggested to that in an interview that he had written a text to this Song, over the life in 10,000 years told. The version of Mike Love tells however of a life before 10,000 years, therefore is assumed the text of it is new or it changed it at least strongly.

A further piece on it is „Pisces Brothers “. According to own data Love wrote this song together with George Harrison in India in the year 1968. The text in the 2004er version is however a tribute at George and told by the common time. Also here it is to be rather accepted that Mike wrote a new text or still no existed. Also it remains a mystery, why this Song remained so long in secret and Mike after George Harrisons' death mentioned this title for the first time.

solo Diskografie

  • Almost buzzer (1977, sound TRACK to gleichn. Film with Celebration)
  • Celebration (1979, likewise with the volumes Celebration)
  • Looking bake with love (1981)
  • Unleash the Love (2005)


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