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Michael Gordon Oldfield (* 15. May 1953 in Reading, England) is multi-instrument valleyist and composer and mixed in singular way of elements from skirt, ethnical and classical music.

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lives and work

Oldfields parents are Maureen and Raymond Oldfield. Its sister Sally and its brother Terry participated on several of his albums. Sally Oldfield brought several own albums out and had e.g. with the title Mirrorsa commercial success.

Muster aus Mike Oldfields Tubular Bells
Sample from Mike Oldfields Tubular Bells

Oldfields most famous composition (and at the same time debut album) is Tubular Bells, which it 1972 taken up and to 25. May 1973 published. Its procedure was innovative, there it personal as straight 19-jähriger in multilayered way differentmusical styles with twenty different instruments on several clay-pure took up. After the publication the album sold itself faster than small Plattenladen from London the plates press again to let could. Thereby an enormous starting signal for that concerned Virgin record and Tubular Bells becamefuture giants Virgin and the owner at that time smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Branson.

The album reached fast the Top 10 the British Albumcharts and remained in the Charts for impressing 247 weeks. Today Tubular Bells is the most successful instrument valley album of an individual musician in the world.

Into the united one States Tubular Bells became above all admits, because a short sequence from it was used in the successful horror film of the Exorzist. Oldfields second album Hergest Ridge was still more pastoraler and more melodiöser held, among other things it in addition, the passage contains “electronics thunderstorm”, in which 90 guitars(by Overdub) at the same time to hear are. The album was in Great Britain three weeks at place 1 the Charts and afterwards from the subsequent album Ommadawn was replaced, which contained many folkloristische elements and represents in the reason a first example of world music.

For the shy boy was thatsudden success an unbelievable load and it came to escape reactions and collapses. Only several therapies could help it. In order to encourage humans to take up and recruit for an acceptance for it psychological assistance, it created the donation Tonic , those into the 90ernhowever a few years later again one dissolved.

Before the publication of the following double album of Inc. doing ion 1978 Oldfield participated in a disputed self-assertion training (as Exegesis well-known). Certainly from it the following European tour results. Photographs from this time were published on the album Exposed. Inc. doing ionthe Magnum Opus Oldfields should become and summarized many aspects of Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn in four songs from 17 to 20 minutes of length.

In the early 80's Mike Oldfield of the then popular music turns. At first it publishes shorter pieces of instrument valley and Coverversionen on the albums Platinum and Q.E.2 (designated after the ship Queen Elizabeth 2), in which also Phil Collins participated as Drummer. Shortly thereafter it begins to write own Songs. Sung of different artists, he accompanies these with the guitar, usually with a longerSolo one.1981 are published by a record label under Oldfields name an album “The Consequences OF Indecisions ”. It actually concerns however thereby the 1977 published album “Keesojen Letho” of the Finnish musician Pekka Pohjola. (Mike and Sally Oldfield participate among other things on it.)

Oldfieldslargest commercial single - successes were in the eighties. Moonlight Shadow, by which one accepts that it brings up for discussion the death of John Lennon, sung by Maggie Reilly, was 1983 the third-usually-sold plate in Germany. Further hits followed with Shadow on the barrier (1983), tons of France (1984), Discovery (1984) and Pictures into the dark (1985).

1984 compose Oldfield the sound TRACK to the film The Killing Fields of Roland Joffé.

In the future it came to arguments with its disk company Virgin record, since these imagined next album a piece of instrument valley in form of a “Tubular Bells II” (one carried out only later). Oldfields rebellische Antwort war das AlbumAmarok (1990), ein einstündiges Werk mit beständig wechselnden Themen, möglicherweise, um das Auskoppeln einer Single unmöglichto make, and partially. uncommonly high dynamics. This less favourable pressing on Vinyl strongly. The Morse code contained on the album at minute of 48 means “fuck off r b”, which its disputes with smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Branson, which boss of Virgin should underline. Clay-technically interesting, Amarok placednevertheless an impressive work, since it was one of the first all digitally taken up albums. Although the album is regarded of many fans as its largest work, the sales figures held themselves within limits.

On Oldfields of last plate for Virgin, “Heaven's open” (which it as “Michael Oldfield”published), sang he all pieces themselves. But it took specially singing instruction.

For the label Warner returned Oldfield to its roots and composed Tubular Bells II (1992), an interpretation of its first album with new musical style directions. The Songs OF distance Earth followed(a Vertonung based on a novel of Arthur C. Clarke), which folkloristische Voyager and Tubular Bells III, which is coined/shaped of the Techno and thank music of its new homeland Ibiza.

2002 appeared the album Tr3s Lunas. At the same time it published a computer game with sameName, which became however a flop, since the animation was not up-to-date. Resemblance found the play with fans, since it contained many new sounds. The successor Maestro was not advancement, hardly contained new music and became a flop.

2003 published Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells 2003, a revised version before thirty years appeared of the Tubular Bells, on CD and audio DVD in the personally merged 5.1-Surroundsound. Oldfield explained that he could improve thereby many incompleteness of the original, which to the photograph technologies at that time and the time limits for Studioaufnahmen is to due. (Page 1 of theMegasellers had to be taken up 1973 in only one week)

Mike Oldfield lived together many years without marriage with Anita Hegerland (Roy Black & Anita), which sang for Mike Oldfield also in the pieces “Pictures in The Dark” and “Innocent”. They have togetherseveral children. After the peaceful separation end of the 1980er years married he 2004 his current Mrs. Fanny.

In May 2005 Mike Oldfield signed a contract with Mercury record over three new albums. First is a double album, to 7. October 2005 appeared and“Light and unfortunate” is called. It makes simultaneous again as innovative artists of itself talks, since the new album contains a software and TRACKs, with whom one its own mixes itself provide can.



  • 1976: Boxed
  • 1980: Air fount
  • 1980: Impressions
  • 1981: Music Wonderland
  • 1981: Mike Oldfield's Wonderland
  • 1981: Episodes
  • 1985:The Complete Mike Oldfield
  • 1987: A Virgin Compilation
  • 1990: Collector's edition box I
  • 1990: Collector's edition box II
  • 1993: The Best OF… Element
  • 1993: Element
  • 1997: XXV: The Essential
  • 2002: The Danish Collection
  • 2006: The Platinum Collection

co-operation with other musicians

  • Kevin Ayers Shooting RK The Moon (1970), Whatevershebringswesing (1972), The Confessions OF Dr Dream and OTHER Stories (1974), Odd Ditties (1976), quiet would run With Guitar (1992), BBC radio 1 live one in Concert (1992), Singing The Bruise (1996), TheTo guards OF Love (1998)
  • Kevin Ayers, Eno, Nico & John Cale June 1, 1974 (1974)
  • max of Bacon From The bank OF The River Irwell (2002)
  • David Bedford Nurses Song With Elephants (1972), Star´s end (1974), The Rime OF the Ancient of marine ones (1975), TheOdyssey (1976), Instructions For Angels (1977), Song Of The White Horse (1985), Variations On A Rhythm Of Mike Oldfield (1995)
  • Phil Beer Official Bootleg One (2000)
  • Edgar Broughton Band Edgar Broughton Band (1971), Bandages (1976)
  • Henry Cow Legend (1973), Unrest (1974)
  • Lol Coxhill Ear OfBeholder (1971)
  • Pierre Moerlen Pierre Moerlen's GONG - Downwind (1979), Pierre Moerlen's GONG - Downwind live one (1979)
  • Tom Newman Fine old Tom (1977), Faerie Symphony (1979), Snow blind (1997)
  • Lea Nicholson The Concertina record (1980)
  • Sally Nathasha Oldfield Natasha (1990)
  • Carl Palmer DO Ya WannaPlay, Carl (2001)
  • Pekka Pohjola Keesojen Lehto (1977)
  • Michel Polnareff Kâma Sûtra (1990)
  • Sallyangie Children OF The Sun (1968)
  • Schiller day and night (2005)
  • Skids Joy (1981)
  • Bram Tchaikovsky strand one, Changed one (1979)
  • Robert Wyatt skirt Bottom (1974), Theatre Royal Drury Lane 8th September1974 (2005)


  • remarkable at Tubular Bells is that on the admission unintentionally also the call signal of the very long wave transmitter is present GBR in Rugby. The signals of the close 16-kHz-Senders interspersed obviously into microphones and pick-ups and were along-noted.
  • On Amarok those formsMelody in a place short Morse code - a sequence, which gemünzten from one on the Virgin boss at that time smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Branson offense exist.
  • The last album for Virgin was Heaven's open. Oldfield took over on it the singing for the first time and let the album under the interpreter name Michael Oldfield publish.Later he, his voice said did not belong on his plates.

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