as armed forces or military (of frz. militaire, which on lat. militaris (concerning the war service) decreases/goes back, again of lat. miles (soldier) comes) designates one the armed federations of a state or an alliance, the these toDefense against an attack from the outside to lead or evenly in order such an attack outward sets up. Usually they in addition, the order have for the guarantee of the internal security of a state.

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role of the military

purpose of the military is not excluding the guidance of wars, but today increasingly the guidance from multinational operations to the peacekeaping measures and - preservation as for example inBosnia-Herzegovina or Central Africa.

Today the military becomes into the three the armed services of ground forces (army), naval forces (navy) and air forces (Air Force) partitions. Some nations supplement their Streitkäfte by further armed services. The German German Federal Armed Forces, beside the three, calls this proves mentioned still the centers Sanitätsdienst and the armed forces basis however organisation area. These are thereby like the national guard in the USA expressly no own armed services.

In democratically organized societies becomes today between the role of the military and thatthe domestic security forceses (police) differentiated. On the other hand these two functions are mixed in many dictatorships, and the military takes over tasks relating to domestic affairs (often with the goal of the repression). Expression for this dualism is the Gendarmerie. Gendarmes are likewise frequentPart the armed forces as once in France or been subordinate historically the Verteidigungsresort like the earlier Bundesgendarmerie in Austria. Constitutional and administrative standards guarantee with the fact that such units in the peace the interior and/or. are subordinate to the Justizresort.

Military organizations drawby a hierarchical structure with a command authority of the military guidance out. Members of a military organization have generally large restrictions of their liberties and fundamental rights to accept. All military apparatuses reproduce their internal co-operation by the periodic meeting of different military rituals. Become the latters aspublic ceremony organizes, then they serve in addition the symbolic underlining of the meaning of military in the non-military part of the society and are often disputed therefore.

Paramilitärische organizations so mentioned, in many not as war marked armed conflicts (for instance civil wars) participate, are not considered not as military and according to international conventions are also differently treated.

The military equipment holds traditionally an important outrider and pacesetter role with the general technical development. Thus for example the television became, Internet or government inspection departments originallyin the military order develops and at the beginning of only used by the military.

All armed forces must

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colloquial one designates also a military also a prominent memberin the military, in a junta or in a military dictatorship.

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