Millard Fillmore

Millard Fillmore (* 7. January 1800 in the Cayuga County, New York; † 8. March 1874 in Buffalo, N.Y.) was 13. President of the United States of America of 10. July 1850 to 4. March 1853.

Millard Fillmore

it adjustedthe death of Zachary Taylor, whose vice-president had been he, its term of office further. Differently than before with John Tyler, which had set this precedent, gave it for it no more problems than adequate president to be recognized.

Its presidency is above all alsotwo events links: first of all with the expedition of Matthew C. Perry, which was loose-sent 1852 by it and 1854 (thus after its term of office) could force the opening of Japan, and secondly with the compromise of 1850.

The compromise of 1850 was meant as meansbeen to prevent a falling apart of the union. After the peace of Guadelupe Hidalgo were the USA enormous areas in the west been assigned and it was the question, like it be organized should - with or without slavery. Since gold fever had begun meanwhile in Californiaand the population in masses there flowed, could this area already to 9. September 1850 as state to the union to be taken up - when desired the population slave-free.

So the way to the Pacific was cut off to the Southern States, therefore the north states permitted that the remainderthe formerly Mexican area the slavery permitted. The compromise of the Great Compromiser Henry Clay was negotiated. The outbreak of the war of secession still eleven could be postponed by the compromise years.

1856 it applied again for the presidency for the American party, a rightGroup of fragments, became however only more reduced third.

Fillmore was the first Gesundheitsfanatiker in the office of the US president and actually also first, by whom no diseases are delivered. He drank no alcohol, smoked no tobacco and kept themselves away also otherwise from all him well-known health risks.

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