Million dollar baby

of these articles are occupied with the film million dollar baby from the year 2004. For a description of the films of the same name from the years 1934 and 1941, see million dollar to baby (1934) and million dollar baby (1941).
Film data
of German titles: Million dollar baby
original title: Million dollar baby
production country: The USA
feature year: 2004
length (PAL - DVD): 127 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 12
direction: Clint Eastwood
film script: Paul Haggis
production: Clint Eastwood
Paul Haggis
Tom rose mountain
Albert S. Ruddy
music: Clint Eastwood
camera: Tom star
cut: Joel Cox
  • Clint Eastwood: Frankie thinly
  • Hilary Swank: Maggie Fitzgerald
  • Morgan Freeman: Eddie “Scrap” Dupris
  • Jay Baruchel: Danger Barch
  • Mike Colter: Bend Willie Little
  • Lucia Rijker: Billie “The Blue Bear”
  • Brian F. O'Byrne: Father Horvak

million dollar baby is a feature of and with Clint Eastwood from the year 2004.

Table of contents


Frankie thin (Clint Eastwood) is a box coach, who did not create it with its favorites ever up to a large title. However there is an example directly at the beginning of the film that from Frankie to its pupil is quite sufficient given potential, in order to win titles. In addition it is shown that Frankie takes its role as a manager very seriously and not on the fast money out is.

Frankie has a daughter, with whom he, which turns out however only in the course of the film, looks for contact, which is rejected however on the part of the daughter. As Maggie Fitzgerald (Hilary Swank), to become a waitress living in ärmlichen conditions, who dreams about it, professional Boxerin it asks to train it rejects Frankie this first, there it with 31 years too old is for still into the professional business to be entered. In addition it would train no women.

“Scrap” (Morgan Freeman), the caretaker of Frankies Boxstudio, takes itself thereupon Maggies on and gives its regularly Tipps and training material. Since Maggie does not relent, Frankie finally takes over the training of Maggie under different conditions. A condition is that Maggie looks for itself a manager and that she would continue to care for Frankie after her entrance into the professional business not. Also it turns out approximately here that Frankie cared for “Scrap” in the fight, when “Scrap” lost its eye. Frankie wanted to break the fight off, could not it however not, since he did not fill out the function necessary for it. Due to this experience Frankie shrinks from itself in the future to organize for its favorites large fights.

Maggies first fight with the new manager becomes difficult for it, since their manager does not give it a tactical assistance. Frankie, which was present with “Scrap” actually only as spectators on the grandstand, mixes and with its assistance wins Maggie finally the fight. Frankie becomes thereby thus the manager of Maggie and takes over also again its training. It comes then to further fights of Maggie, which wins these problem-free in the first round. Due to this fact Frankie has increasingly difficulties to organize new fights for Maggie. Finally it lets Maggie in the next higher weight class begin. Maggie wins - after initial difficulties - also this fight, although only in the second round. After a half year Maggie is ready, for the world championship in read Vegas to begin. Frankie hesitates however - she is not so far yet and can come in a professional fight seriously to damage. Maggie takes it thereupon also to its nut/mother, which read him nevertheless in the long run convinced living of social welfare assistance, to let begin her in Vegas. On the way home the two visit a small restaurant, which knows Maggie from their childhood, which Frankie impresses in such a way that he plays with the thought to buy it.

Into London it comes now to the first professional box fight, Maggie start there against the acting British Boxmeisterin. Before beginning of the fight Frankie gives her a green Umhang, which is verziert by a gälischen word. It does not tell it however, what means this word. The English public is however inspired by their appearance and fires it on after heart forces. Maggie wins the fight and can thereby to the world championship in read Vegas to begin.

The acting box world champion in the middleweight is to be seized a German, who is notorious for it, to unfair means and very aggressively fights. As Maggie finally against it start, must put it into the first two rounds a quantity, among other things, because their Gegnerin out-divides bad impacts again and again. Frankie places thereupon Maggies tactics over - in the following rounds Maggie holds its Gegnerin distance and can the fight in this way to their favour turn. The German Meisterin stands briefly before the K.O., when the arbitrator terminates the round and sends back both into its corners. As itself the Schiri turns shifts the German the nothing-suspecting Maggie an impact, whereupon this falls unfortunately on the made available chair and breaks thereby the Halswirbel. When she comes again to itself, she lies in a hospital bed and is downward of the neck. It must experience that it for the remainder of its life.

Their family comes only after some weeks to attendance (however only after they were in the nearby Disneyland) and tries to let Maggie for minor explain. Maggie breaks thereupon in the anger each contact with its family off. In the consequence its condition worsens. After blood circulation disturbances and Dekubitus you must be amputiert a leg. Finally it asks Frankie to switch their life support off. It would like to remain not in this condition and sees death as only way out. Their largest fear consists of forgetting that it boxed once before a large public. Frankie rejects this request however and undertakes it in such a way an attempted suicide, by biting themselves into the tongue. Briefly before the bleeding it is saved however by the physicians, Frankie recognizes thereby however how serious their desire is. It creeps an at night into the hospital and turns after a last discussion with it the life support devices off. It tells it before that the gälische word on its Umhang “my treasure” also means or “my blood”.

The film ends with the attitude on the restaurant, which had visited Frankie with Maggie. A person sits there with the back to the camera and lets themselves a cake be served. It becomes clear that the film shows contents of a letter, which Scrap writes Frankies daughter. The fate Frankies is unknown to it, Frankie never again in the Boxstudio emerged. Scrap expresses its hope that Frankie found at least something peace and it good-goes to it, is afraid however that it concerns thereby wishful thinking. The film leaves the fate Frankies in the unclear one.


million dollar baby is Clint Eastwoods 25. Public work and at the same time its 57. Film as actors. The film was turned in only 37 days. Hauptdarstellerin Hilary Swank rained itself for this film approximately ten kilograms of muscle mass. In the German cinemas started million dollar baby to 24. March 2005.

The representation of Sterbehilfe at the end of the film released strong protests of conservative politicians and obstruction organizations in the USA. Thus the radio moderator Rush Limbaugh described the film as „million dollar euthanasia movie “. In an interview with of Los Angeles the Time answered Clint Eastwood „I'm just telling A story. I don't advocate. I'm playing A partition. I've of gone around into movies blowing people away with A,44 magnum. But that doesn't mean I think that's A per by thing ton of DO.“(I tell only one history, I occur not for something. I play only one role. I ran around in films and humans with a 44er Magnum shot, but it does not mean that I endorse this.)


Academy Awards 2005

  • best film: Clint Eastwood; Albert S. Ruddy
  • best direction: Clint Eastwood
  • best Hauptdarstellerin: Hilary Swank
  • of best Nebendarsteller: Morgan Freeman

further nominating:

  • Best leading actor: Clint Eastwood
  • best adapted film script
  • of best ones cut

golden Globes 2005

  • best Hauptdarstellerin (drama): Hilary Swank
  • best direction: Clint Eastwood

national Society OF film Critics

  • best film
  • best Darstellerin Hilary Swank

Seattle film Critics

  • best film
  • best direction Clint Eastwood

screen Actors Guild Award

  • best Darstellerin Hilary Swank
  • of best Nebendarsteller: Morgan Freeman

Braodcast film Critics Association

  • best Darstellerin Hilary Swank

bad clay/tone Society OF film Critics

  • best Darstellerin Hillary Swank

national Society OF film Critics

  • best Darstellerin Hilary Swank

Directors Guild OF America

  • best direction Clint Eastwood

New York film Critics Circle

  • best direction Clint Eastwood

Chicago film Critics Association

  • best direction Clint Eastwood

national board OF Review

  • honorable mention (for Producing, Directing, Acting and Composing the Score) Clint Eastwood

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