Mina Tander

Mina Tander (* 4. December 1978 in Cologne) is a German actress.

Mina Tander is the daughter of an Afghan journalist and a German teacher. Their father died, when them were six. Mina Tander buildup in Cologne, and lives today in Berlin.

According to own data Tander wanted to become dancer and actress, since them were ten. She was discovered with a school theatre meeting in Münster of the there director. With 16 it played in its first TV-film jump also. Further TV-films and 1999 followed also behind the rainbow the first large motion picture film. It played the following years in some TV-comedy also. 2000 embodied Mina Tander in the successful motion picture film hard one young the Leonie. Since then she is also in numerous fastidious and price-crowned films like strange friend, he work or Octoberfest to see was.

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