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coat of arms map
Wappen der Stadt Minden Deutschlandkarte, Position von Minden hervorgehoben
Minden in North-Rhine/Westphalia
et „Jus aequitas civitatum vincula “

(right and justice are the firm volume that community).

Base data
Land of the Federal Republic: North Rhine-Westphalia
governmental district: Detmold
circle: Minden Lübbecke
surface: 101.08 km ²
inhabitants: 82.959 (31. December 2005)
Population density: 821 inhabitants for each km ²
unemployment ratio: 11.5% (January 2006)
height: 42.2 m and. NN
postal zip code: 32300-32499

(old: 4950)

Preselection: 0571
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 52° 17 ' N, 8° 55 ' O
52° 17 ' N, 8° 55 ' O
Kfz characteristics: MI
municipality characteristic number: 05 7 70 024
city arrangement: 19 urban districts
of the city administration:
Small cathedral yard 17
32423 Minden
Website: www.minden.de
E-Mail address:
mayor: Michael Buhre (SPD)

Minden is one Large city and seat circle-belonging of the circle Minden Lübbecke in the governmental district Detmold in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is appropriate for 40 km northeast from Bielefeld and 55 km to the west of Hanover, is belonged the center of the Mindener of country and to the region east Westphalia.

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geographical layer

Blick auf St. Marien (Mitte)
view of pc.Marien (center)
Blick auf den Dom
view of the cathedral
view of Minden of the Porta Westfalica

Minden is appropriate for about 6 km north break-through of the Weser by the Westfäli gate in the north German lowlandses. Here the Weser leaves the Weser mountain country and branched outafter this bottleneck into several arms and so passing in a natural river crossing made oneself possible. Therefore northsouthern and east-west ways crossed and gave so a good basis for a town foundation at this Weser transition.

The city lies on thatwestern high banks of the Weser, which pull themselves across the city and which city divides into the upper and lower part of town. The church planners used and placed this area difference the new churches Marienkirche and Martinikirche on the upper edge, their salient towers workfar in the country and give to the city opinion their salient profile.

In the city the small river the Bastau of the west flows coming into the Weser.

Minden borders with its quarters Minden Meissen, Minden Päpinghausen and Minden Dankersen on the city Bueckeburg in the of Lower Saxony District foam castle.

city arrangement

after § 1 of the main statute is divided the city by Minden into the following 19 urban districts:

hectar city
city center
king gate
Leteln Aminghausen
less heath
north city
of right Weser bank


(in each case to 31. December)


work on []

From the beginnings to the Middle Ages

the cathedral in Minden

Minden is probably already since that 3. Century settles. Whereupon settlement finds in several places of the present city let close. Minden is mentioned for the first time documentary in the year 798, as Karl the large one a realm meeting in “Minda” holds. This event becomes in a Frankish chronicle, which mentions realm annals so mentioned.

In the year 977 the market right, right of coining money, and Zollrecht were lent to the city.

At the 1. February 1168 marries Heinrichthe lion - after divorce of its first wife - those only twelve-year-old boy daughter Mathilde of the English king Heinrich II., Sister of smelling pool of broadcasting corporations lion heart. The wedding takes place in the Mindener cathedral .

Over 1230 begins the Mindener citizen andtheir advice of national gentlemen, the bishop, independently, with the trade.

1279 took over Lübbecke during its city collection the Mindener municipal law.

In the Middle Ages Minden was member of the Hanse. To the dreissigjährigen war Minden came into the possession of Brandenburg Prussia and remainedthere up to the dissolution of Prussia 1946. 1719-1807 were the city administrative seat of the territory Minden Ravensberg and 1816-1947 seat of a district government. In run the seven-year-old of war came it at the 1. August 1759 to the battle with Minden, since then ofthe British soldiers is annually honoured (wreath-laying).

19. Century

in the term of office of the first Mindener of land advice of Arnim (1816-1820) was rebuilt the Mindener fortress under upper supervision of the government. To that extent fatal reconstruction of the fortress restrainedindustrial development. This development passed nearly completely Minden. The city and concomitantly its spirit remained constricted in their fortress walls. At the time at that time substantially smaller cities - like e.g. Bielefeld and Dortmund - added the foundation-stoneeconomical bloom. Minden had its officials and soldiers and was proud on it.

The Prussian time was much coining/shaping for Minden, not least in the city plant and - picture: The city was to 1873 Prussian fortress, and many urban traditions justifyitself on these, e.g. the so-called.Freeshoot.

To 15. October 1847 was opened the Cöln Mindener railway. 19 opened the surrounding circle area starting from end. Century the Mindener circular paths on a meter PUR-net.

20. Century

during of the the Second World War in the Weser and Wiehengebirge with Minden underground factories, UV succumbing run gene , were called established, in which forced laborers had to make of the KZ Neuengamme weapons and other war-important goods. After the war became the machines in these factories of thatDismantled and the entrances for Americans locked.

The today's view axle from the city hall summerhouse on the west work of the cathedral

in the Second World War suffered Minden heavy destruction by bombardments. Also an urban landmark, which became water way cross of the central land channel over the Weser,to 4. April 1945 blown up by German troops, which before the allied one back-yielded.

After the Second World War the Mindener area lost and here in particular the city Minden finally their status as supraregional administrative emphasis. The seat of the district government became after Detmoldshifted (price for the connection of lip at North-Rhine/Westphalia). There was already before the regional directorate, the regional finance office and the Chamber of Commerce and industrie, which were shifted. It was later the combination of the labour office Minden with the labour office Herford.

Into the 1970erYears were accomplished in Minden the first town redevelopment in the old part of town. The range was again arranged around the Weser gate and older houses by new buildings was replaced - particularly by the department stores C&A and Karstadt. Also the public suburban trafficagain one arranged. The center bus stop from the city center to the southern edge and put on on the received place a new building of the city hall was shifted. The view axle became from the summerhouse course of the city hall on the west work of the cathedral throughthe new building disturbed. Also a part of the old half timbered houses in Minden was torn off by this re-organization, which was designated later often than errors of this town redevelopment.


town councillor

Sitzverteilung of the parliamentary groups in the town councillor.

(Conditions: Local election to 26. September 2004)

SPD CDU Mindener initiative the GREEN FDP entire
2004 21 16 5 5 3 50

the parties/the groups of voters of SPD, Mindener initiative and the Greens closed a co-operation agreement and to determine with its majority of 31 voices thosePolitics in the advice of the city Minden.

mayors of the city Minden

the old city hall in Minden

directors of city of the city Minden (1946 - 1999)

Minden baker route

deputy mayors of the city Mindensince 2004

  • 1. Deputy mayor Harald stone-cutter (MI)
  • 2. Deputy Bürgermeisterin Adelheid trusts (CDU)
  • 3. Deputy Bürgermeisterin Waltraud winter (SPD)

administrative executive committee of the city administration Minden

  • mayor Michael Buhre (SPD)
  • 1. Assigned to Peter Kienzle (CDU)
  • assigning to and Stadtkämmerin Dr.Gabriele book wood (CDU)

committees in the advice of the city Minden

  • main committee (of chairmen: Mayor Michael Buhre, SPD)
  • committee for building, environment and traffic (chairman: Heinz Dieter Böttger, SPD)
  • committee for education work (chairman: Adelheid trusts, CDU)
  • committee for citizen services, security and fire protection(Chairmen: Hugo Spiekermann, CDU)
  • social committee (chairman: Bernd Mueller, SPD)
  • juvenile welfare service committee (chairman: Elke Kehrer, SPD)
  • audit committee (chairman: Günther Gäbler, SPD)
  • committee for culture and spare time (chairman: Monika my ore, CDU)
  • sport committee (chairman: Bernd Volz, SPD)
  • committee for woman and affairs of equalization (chairman: UlriekeSchulze, SPD)
  • election commitee (chairman: Mayor Michael Buhre, SPD)
  • choice test committee (chairman: Waltraud winter, SPD)

coat of arms

Wappen der Stadt Minden
coat of arms of the city Minden

the coat of arms sign of the city Minden is split into two equivalent ranges. The side shows a black doppelköpfigen eagle in frontwith red tongues with an emperor crown before golden background. The back shows two silver crossed keys with turned away beards before red background.

This Stadtwappen is since 1853 official coat of arms of the city and sits down from already longer inUse two coats of arms present together. The doppelköpfige realm eagle was lent thereby to the city after the dreissigjährigen war by the emperor as indication of the special protection, when the city among large victims had accepted and had supplied the imperial troops.

Work on []

City colors

the city colors of the city Minden are white and red.

in the year 1968 the so-called “Wilmersdorfer circle “joined partnerships between cities the city Minden and maintains partnerships between cities with the following cities:

further maintains Minden a sponsorship with the following city:

culture and objects of interest


in Minden is an urban theatre and that supraregional well-known Prussia museum. Beyond that different meetings in cultural facilities take place in private working group. (BÜZ, theatre at the wine garden).

“European author combination the Kogge registered association”

after that 2. World war erkor itself the combination of European poets and writer, the Kogge, Minden as head office. High point is the annual meeting in Minden and the award of the literary award of the city Minden upSuggestion of the Kogge.


Minden is establishment place and seat country widely well-known amateur - of the Kabaretts Mindener Stichlinge. 1966 and is thus the oldest active amateur Kabarett of Germany was created. In March the culture office east Westphalia lip organizes 2006one anniversary week with guests such as Erwin Gro, Hagen Rether, Matthias's German man and George scratch.

Since 1994 the city Minden assigns every two years to the national kabarett promotion price Mindener Stichling for literary-political Kabarett. The price is with 4.000Euro endowed and is gesponsert by the company Melitta as well as the savings bank Minden Lübbecke.

Museumszeile Minden
Museum line Minden


  • Prussia museum North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Mindener museum for land and Volkskunde with coffee museum
  • doll museum
  • local archives Minden
  • museum railway Minden registered association.
  • Information center at the water way cross Minden


Die Fischerstadt am linken Weserufer
the Fischer city on the left Weser bank
provisions the magazine
a landmark of Minden: The Weserspucker in the baker route

Minden possesses pc. beside an old part of town worth seeing with the cathedral. Gorgonius further interesting architectural monuments, those its history than formerPrussian fortress today become still alive to let. Worth seeing is above all the historical old part of town (museum line, “Windloch”, old person coin, pc. Petri and pc. Simeonis), the Martinikirchhof (pc. Martini, old arsenal, Schwedenschänke), the Fischer city with parts of the old city attachment, which was because of the Weser bankand after heavy destruction in the Second World War to a large extent again established old person city hall with a summerhouse course from that 13. Century. In Minden is in addition the second largest water way cross of Germany. Here the central land channel is led across the Weser.

Work on []


in central situation is the Botani garden, which was put on on the area of the old person of cemetery. Furthermore Minden orders with the north cemetery, at the northern outskirts of a town directly at the Weser bank convenient, over one of the most beautiful cemeteries of the region. Thatformer glacis of the fortress Minden encloses since sharpening the fortress works starting from the year 1873 with his valuable tree existence as “green lung” the town centre.


regular meetings

Candide price

the literary one Association Minden lends annually the Candide price , which came out from the Mindener city clerk scholarship since 2004.

Mindener fair

annual finds Anfang November on the Festplatz of “chancellor Weide” at the beginning of May and on the right Weser bank the Mindener fair alsonumerous roundabouts and elevator fireworks instead of.

Mindener free shooting

every two years takes place in Minden the Mindener free shooting, a civil Verulkung of the Prussian militarism. In the year 2006 it takes place for 324 years.

blueVolume of the Weser

all two years takes place on the Weser the water haven large meeting “blue volume of the Weser”. The regular meeting of the boat and water sportsmen is organized by the associations united in the “ring of the water haven associations around the Porta Westfalica registered association”. ThoseMeeting with their rain corroding of the different kinds of water haven and the large people celebration, lures regularly several thousand humans into the city Minden. The high point of the meeting is large elevator fireworks and the nocturnal boat parade.

economics and infrastructure

work on []


Minden lies at the Weser and at the central land channel and is an important traffic junction.


the city lies nearby the motorways a2 and A 30. The city becomes of the federal highway 65 and that Federal highway 61 through-crosses. South the city Minden the motorway-similarly removed road leads by the Weserauentunnel after Porta Westfalica and far after bath Oeynhausen. East the city runs the federal highway 482 of the connection of the a2 toward Nienburg.

public passenger traffic

of the Mindener station

Minden are because of the railroad lines Ruhr district Berlin, Amsterdam Berlin and min the Nienburg. The station is critical point of the far from and suburban traffic (ICE, IC RH - courses and regional courses). Regional lines: RE6 Duesseldorf -Bielefeld - Minden (Westphalia express), RE60/70/78 Bielefeld / Rheine - Osnabrück - Hanover - Braunschweig and RB76 Minden - Verden (- Bremen) - red castle (Weser all course). Since 2000 Minden in addition final critical point of the rapid-transit railway line are S1 to Hanover.

In the city drive penalty, until 1959 existed a streetcar (see also: Mindener streetcar). The city bus Minden is operated in the rendezvous system, the penalty meets every 30 minutes at the same time at the ZOB. There are 13 line branches. Regional andCity penalty are linked closely with one another (lines and. A. after bath Oeynhausen, Lübbecke, Espelkamp, Petershagen).

The city belongs to the traffic group east Westphalia lip (tariff: The Sechser) on. Tickets of the rail traffic apply thus also in the city bus (also the country-wide North-Rhine/Westphalia tariff - however unfortunately not tickets from Lower Saxony).

museum railway

on a stage of the Mindener circular paths operates the museum railway Minden (MEM) with historical locomotive and car material: (Hille - Minden, upper city - small Bremen, visitor mine). Some remainder distances thatlater on standard gauge reequipped former narrow-gauge railways serve today the goods traffic of the MKB GmbH.


Der Mittellandkanal kreuzt die Weser.
the central land channel crosses the Weser.

Here one finds one of the few water way crosses in Germany: The central land channel traverses the Weser. The Schachtschleuse connectsthe Weser and the central land channel. It overcomes 13 m elevator difference.

Weser bridges

in Minden, based at a ford over the Weser, span in the meantime 6 bridges the Weser, three auto, a pedestrian, a railway and a water way bridge. FirstWeser bridge connected the city area with the eastern suburbs and led in the course of the freeway 65 from Osnabrück to Hanover. This traffic bridge, several times renewed, received two discharge bridges, at that time still the north so mentioned and south bridge in the 70's, over thosedeveloped vierspurige roads led, which should relieve the city center around the motor traffic. One supplemented these autobridges by the building of the Minden circular paths within the north range of the city a Weser transition needed. In the context of the central land channel this became at the landing on water race cross Minden overthe Weser led. As last bridge a suspension bridge was added as footbridge, which connects the city center with to a new use chancellor Weide expelled as large parking lot. The next Weser transitions are currentup in Porta Westfalica (ca10km) and downstream in Petershagen(ca20km).


the city Minden is because of the Weser cycle track, which belongs over approximately to 500km the Weser accompanied from the emergence to the delta and to the most popular cycle tracks in Germany. The mill route, a cycle track at that , The city Minden affects Westfäli mill road.


resident enterprise

Mindener weekly market
 Verwaltungsgebäude Harting an der Portastraße
administration building Harting at the haven branch race

in Minden are different medium-size enterprises.

  • ABB (formerly Schoppe & Faeser), electro-technology
  • BASF, branch work,(formerly Knoll AG)
  • German course, railways system engineering and research and technology center, railways vehicle maintenance GmbH
  • Drabert GmbH, Minden, office furniture manufacturer [[3]]
  • EDEKA min the Hanover, center, trade
  • Harting, branch work, High carousing
  • KAMPA AG, head office, prefabricated buildings
  • Melitta, parent plant, coffeeund Reinigungs-Produkte
  • Stadtwerke - seit 2002 im Eigentum der E.ON Düsseldorf
  • WAGO, Stammwerk, Verbindungstechnik


Für den Kreis Minden-Lübbecke sendet Radio Westfalica (aus der Radio NRW-Gruppe) ein Lokalradioprogramm aus Minden. The local daily paper is that Mindener day sheet.

public mechanisms

in Minden is a branch of the German Federal Bank, formerly state central bank of North Rhine-Westphalia, (structural reform of the German Federal Bank of 2002). In Minden likewise the district administration of the circle Minden Lübbecke resides. In addition comesMindens function as German Federal Armed Forces location and as location of a large hospital (hospitals in the mill circle; at present new building of the hospital at the southern outskirts of a town (min the hectar city) close Porta Westfalica Barkhausen). While in former times in Minden the residents district government after the war from politicalReasons after Detmold, gives it was shifted today in Minden nevertheless still one of seven Administrative Courts in North-Rhine/Westphalia.


Minden is location of the specialist areas architecture, civil engineering and Projektmanagment of the professional school Bielefeld. The city Minden maintains 3High Schools (advice High School, Herdergymnasium, Besselgymnasium), 2 six-form high schools (baron von Vincke six-form high school, Käthe Kollwitz six-form high school), 3 hauptschule (hauptschule min the south, hauptschule Todtenhausen, hauptschule Dankersen) as well as 1 comprehensive school (short Tucholsky comprehensive school). Beyond that there are numerous primary schools and special schools in Mindenas well as Berufsbildene schools. In private working group is the free-Evangelist school (reason and comprehensive school) as well as the Rudolf Steiner School.


of sons and daughters of the city

the following personalities were born in Minden:

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