Less stature

the expression less stature is the collective term for such characteristics, whose characteristic is an unusual reduction of length growth.

Two forms occur:

  • If the body length 10. Percentile of the growth curve for the appropriate age (final size with women not over 140 cm, with men not over 150 cm) falls below calls one this less stature
  • strictly speaking is a falling below of the 3. Percentile also less stature.

According to Nieschlag the organization takes place with less stature in:

see also

  • Achondroplasie
  • Akrodysgenitaler small stature
  • Akromesomeler small stature
  • Brachymetakarpaler small stature
  • Geleophysi small stature
  • small stature (type of long one)
  • small stature syndrome
  • spring Majewski syndrome
  • Leri Weill syndrome
  • Metatrophi small stature
  • Mulibrey Kleinwuchs
  • Parastremati small stature
  • Rhizomelder small stature
  • Rubinstein Taybi syndrome
  • Silver Russell syndrome
  • Thanatophorer small stature
  • bird head small stature

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