Prime Minister

as an Prime Minister one generally designates the political office of the head of the government in parliamentary or semi präsidentiellen democracies.

The designations Prime Minister and prime minister are usually synonymously used as translation for the appropriate offices in not German-language countries , whereby prime ministersrather prevails if already the source language uses an appropriate word formation. Thus the British Prime Minister is usually called in German prime minister, while the heads of the government Spaniens (presidente del gobierno) and Italy (Presidente del Consiglio[dei mini stringer]) Prime Ministers to be usually called. In the French case (Prime Minister ministre) both forms in the use hold themselves the balance in German. In Hungary the respective head of the government is called miniszterelnök, what translates Prime Minister word by wordis.

In parliamentary democracies the Prime Minister is selected by the parliament (e.g. in the German countries, in Great Britain, Spain, Italy), in semi präsidentiellen democracies such as France or Russia he is determined by the president.

The female formwould be Prime Minister and Prime Minister minister. The address formula for women is “Mrs. Prime Minister” and/or for men “Mr. Prime Minister”.


in the föderalen Federal Republic of Germany the countries are written as independent, part sovereigns states with parliamentary system of government. In the surface statesare called her heads of the government Prime Minister. (In the city states there are other designations: The of Bremen and that Hamburg head of the government are called officially president of the senate, in Bremen carry it, together with a further member of the Bremi senate, the title “mayor”, inHamburg the title “first mayor “; the head of the government of Land Berlin is a governing mayor).

The head of the government is selected logically by the state parliament (federal state parliament) for the duration of a legislative period. It determines the Ministers of its cabinet, thatin some countries afterwards by the federal state parliament to be confirmed must, and determined in most countries the guidelines of the government work. Apart from this actual government activity he notices regularly the agency of his country in the Upper House of Parliament and practices thereby strong influence on those Federal politics in Germany out.

The Prime Minister on federal level corresponding the office is that of the Federal Chancellor.

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