Minna Kautsky

Minna Kautsky, geb. Jaich (aliases “hitting a corner ore”, “William Viennese”) (* 11. June 1837 in Graz; † 20. December 1912 in Berlin Friedenau) was an actress and authoress. Their novel work is strongly of socialism and coined/shaped of the ideas of the contemporary women's movement, which registered it the surname “ the red Marlitt “.


Minna Kautsky became at the 11. June 1837 as a daughter of the theatre painter Anton Jaich in Graz born, which lived starting from 1845 with its family in Prague. Kautsky appeared there occasionally as an actress at the NIC reading theatre and at the city theatre. 1854 married it the landscape and theatre painter Johann Kautsky and had with it one daughter and three sons. In the subsequent years it was busy as an actress in Olmütz , special living , Güstrow and at the Czech national stage in Prague, until it had to give 1861 up because of a lung suffering the occupation of actor. It lived from 1863 to 1904 in Vienna, where their man had gotten an employment as a yard theatre painter. Kautsky busy itself in the time of their illness with the writings Charles Darwins and Ernst Haeckels. 1870 wrote it under the aliases “hitting a corner ore” and “William Viennese” novellistische sketches for the press (among other things Recent time, recent time), wrote poems and dramas and became finally a successful Erzählerin and novel authoress. 1870 joined it the Viennese writer and artist association and officiated temporarily as its president. By its son Karl became it with socialist ideas admits and visited 1885 Friedrich Engels in London. Friendship with William dear farmhand, Victor eagle, Franz Mehring and pink Luxembourg. Starting from 1904 she lived with her son Karl in Berlin, where her to 20. December 1912 died.


  • madame Roland, historical drama 1878
  • Stefan of the cricket yard, novel 1879
  • prevailing and serving, novel 1882
  • the old persons and the new ones, novel 1884
  • Viktoria, novel 1889
  • a good portion, novellas 1889
  • Helene, novel 1894
  • in the paternal roof, novel 1904
  • the people of pc. Bonifaz, novel 1905
  • auto+biographic sketch in: In free hours of 13/2 (1909)
  • that Paris garden and different one, 1913
  • collected novels and narrations, 2 Bde. 1914


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