Minna woodpecker

Minna woodpecker (* 22. December 1879 in the lock Reinbek; † 3. February 1961 in Bremen) was a German Pädagogin and Sozialistin

studied geography, history, philosophy and mathematics at the universities of Goettingen and Munich. If Gymnasiallehrerin was following in Hamburg, 1915 a work and a partnership with the Göttinger philosopher Leonard Nelson were received . 1917 were it co-foundress of the international youth federation, 1918 mathematics teacher in the boarding school Haubinda in Saxonia. Woodpecker became 1924 active member of the teacher combat federation, Mitgründerin and chairman (1922-1933) of the international one of socialist combat federation (ISK) and its predecessor organization, the international socialist youth federation (ISJ and/or. IJB). It was a chief of the boarding school milling mill created by Nelson when Kassel up to its occupation and dissolution by the national socialists in May 1933.

Minna woodpecker fled with a part of the pupils to Denmark and established the school there, for children of German emigrants, again. In November 1938 emigration to Wales, on the Isle OF one was interned between 1940 and 1941 as a hostile foreigner. After its release it carried politico-educational work out in the German Educational Reconstruction Committee.

To end of war it returned to Germany and took over 1946 to 1951 the line of the desert forest school Oberhambach/Bergstrasse. It was member of the German UNESCO - commission and woman employee of the educational institute of the UNESCO in Hamburg. Further Inspektorin of the national educating homes in Hessen and chief of the desert forest school in Heppenheim.


Minna woodpecker: Convicition change. Contributions to the Pädagogik in the exile and for the renewal of education in postwar Germany. Given change and introduced of Inge Hans EN T/plate suppl. under cooperation of Sigrid Rathgens. Frankfurt/Main, Berlin, Berne, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Vienna.

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