Minu Barati

Minu Barati (* 1976 in Iran) is Filmproduzentin in Berlin and wife of Joschka Fischer

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origin and childhood

Minu Barati came 1976 in Iran as a daughter of Dr. Mehran Barati (alias Dr. Nosratollah Barati Novbari), a prominent member of the oppositionals a democratic party Kurdistan Iran, to the world. Their father was one the survivors of the Mykonos notice in Berlin.

the queen Luise donation,

a Privatschule in Berlin Zehlendorf visited training and occupation the German Iranerin. Subsequently, it studied potsdam at the university for film and television. At present Minu Barati is with the Cologners action concept film and Stuntproduktion GmbH busily.

family and marriage

1999 became Minu Barati for the first time nut/mother of a daughter. Since summer 2003 it is associated to 29 with Joschka Fischer and since that. October 2005 with it marries. By the wedding in Rome it became its fifth wife. The marriage is so far childless. The married couple lives with Minu Baratis daughter from an earlier relationship in Berlin center.

argument with the rainbow press

in April 2005 firstrode Minu Barati during a process before the regional court Berlin a smart money at a value of 30.000 euro of the boulevard newspaper “B.Z.”. In July 2003 the newspaper had reported several days one behind the other on - at that time not yet official - the life companion of the minister of foreign affairs, had called it “luxury female” and had published private photos.


  • Kurzfilm “Familienportrait” (2003)
  • film “the forest so coldly” (2004) - Produzentin: Minu Barati
  • film “fire at the night” (2004) - Produzentin: Minu Barati

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