of these articles acts of the time unit minute. To other meanings of the term see minute (term clarifying).

Minute is one to SI not belonging time unit and originates from the Babylonian Sexagesimalsystem , in which breaks were developed as 60stel and 3600stel.

The 60stel became later in latin than pars minuta great (v. minuere = make smaller, decrease) designation, the 3600stel (= 1 60stel of a 60stels) as pars minuta secunda, from which the second became.

symbol min, ′
dimension time (t)
SI 60 s

the minute the unit symbol min is named; in former times also „min was “and „min. “common. Particularly in the sport times become (more exact: Time intervals) (falsely) also 1 h 32 ′ 47 ″ shortened (1 hour and 32 minutes and 47 seconds). ForTimes were also once ways of writing like the following common: 10 h 20 m 15 s.

One time minute is the 60ste part of one hour. One minute counts again 60 seconds.

As legal unit it may apart from the SI systemare used.

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