Mirisch corporation

Mirisch corporation was an US-American film production company. The enterprise end of the 1950er was created years of the brothers walter Mirisch, Harold Mirisch and Marvin Mirisch.

Before the establishment of their independent production company in August 1957 the Mirisch of brothers for the company Allied Artists was active. From this time originates the relations with famous directors, who should along-justify their late success. At the production of the following films they were involved on behalf the Allied Artists: Moulin Rouge, Moby thick, Ariane - love in the afternoon and luring temptation.

As a result of the permission of large artistic liberties and the participation in the bringing in result of its films corporation long-continuous relations with the directors Billy of savage, Blake Edward, John Sturges and Robert meadow arose for the Mirisch.

The 1957 contract between United Artists and the Mirisch corporation signed consisted of 12 motion picture films. 1959 were increased these to 20. Altogether the Mirisch of brothers produced 68 motion picture films for the United Artists. 1974 changed it with their production company too universal for Pictures.

After the success of the first Pink Panther - film the rose-pink Panther the Mirisch corporation Kurzfilme produced over the adventures of the Paulchen Panther. 1964 received the Kurzfilm the rose-pink lubrication finch produced in this row the OSCAR as the best animated Kurzfilm. Over their subsidiary company Mirisch Telvision were produced several indication trick series with the Pink Panther.

For altogether 79 Oscars of the Mirisch produced films were nominated corporation. 23 times the golden statue was won.

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