Mirja gust

Mirja gust, also under its artist name carrot admits, (* 3. September 1973) is a German actress, Comedian and a singer. It is grown up in Viersen, local part Dülken.


Mirja gust, which held the pointed name carrot since its basic school time, wanted to become famous from child legs.

First it studied Italian, Spanish and music and medium sciences however at the Düsseldorfer university. Later still the subject musical at the university for music and theatre was added into Leipzig. 1994 followed gust the theatre ensemble Compagnia 82 , two yearslater it entered with the Fabulösen Thekenschlampen , their largest hit the former Stürmer of the 1. Fiber plastic Cologne and Borussia Moenchengladbach, Anton („tonuses “) pad, dedicated Song tonuses let it pad was. In addition it played with the improvisation theatre Frizzles, where it was noticeable by its enormous speech gush.

In the summer 2001 Mirja arose gust under its artist name carrot regularly in the discotheque Upper Bavaria in Palma on Mallorca and ensured for good tendency with the party guests. In the same year also their first single appeared 20 centimeters. This Song should become a surprise success and also on parties in Germany was frequently played. Later this song was answered by Leo Colonia with the tendency hit 75D.

After their second single luggage it had it 2003 a new hit we ham nevertheless no time…. Carrot had developed within short time for the public favourite of the party parliamentary group. In addition Mirja gust belongs to the Mallorca of all star. In the context of this EMI - project interpret they and artists such as Mickie ruffle and Jürgen Drews title of the new Germans wave such as starlit sky, I wants fun or 99 ballons.

Since the year 2002 Mirja is to be seen gust regular on the television. Together with the Comedians Ralf Schmitz and Markus Majowski plays it Sketche into the TV-WG the Dreisten three. Guest appearances followed with TV total, Elton.tv, Anke Late Night and ingenious beside it.

2005 played Mirja gust at the side of Tom Gerhardt in the motion picture film Siegfried as well as in a Comedy filming of Urmel from the ice. Since January 2006 plays Mirja in the new relay of the dreisten three at the side of Markus Majowski and Mathias Schlung, which replaces Ralf Schmitz.


Mirja gust plays bassoon, which learned it, because she wanted absolutely in the school orchestra.

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