Mirko loading man

Mirko loading man with a Heimspiel of the Cologne sharks 2005

Mirko loading man (* 15. December 1973 in white water) is a German ice hockey player.


Mirko of loading man career began at its association for local history white water, where on the left of shooting defender went through all youth crews. it went to 1991 to Canada and played two years in the selection from away Murray. In the same year he celebrated his debut in the selection crews of the German ice hockey federation (U 18).

Instead of waiting for a commitment in the North American professional league NHL, loading man decided 1993 to turn again into his homeland back. There it followed the Cologne EC and created it with 12 points from 38 plays at first attempt to the master player. In the last season before introduction of the DEL it already separated with the sharks in the quarter final Play offs , but one year later it celebrated its first large success: After victories over Kaufbeuren, the eagles Mannheim and the citizens of Berlin Prussia he reached the final with the Cologners against the EV land hat. There the sharks succeeded first in the career of loading man with 3:2 victories and won its sieved championship.

In the following years loading man with outstanding Scoring values and constant achievements were established as a best German defender in the DEL. Apart from the vice-championships with the sharks 1996 and 2000 and the profit of the Spengler Cups 1999 belonged also the constant employments for the national team to the highlights. 2002 he could celebrate its second championship with the KEC. After place the sharks succeeded 6 the Vorrunde as glaring outsiders against the three point teams from Krefeld, won Munich and Mannheim and the respected title of association history. it explained to be able to concentrate 2004 its resignation from the DEB team around itself fully on Cologne sharks. In the season 2005/06 he was again best German defender and had one of the best pluses/minus - values of the league. Besides he became in the semi-final Play offs the player with most employments for the KEC, as he its 691. Play denied and thus Peppi hot replaced.

In his career loading man played altogether 692 times for the sharks. It obtained 124 gates and gave 235 collecting mains (conditions: 15. April 2006). In the Dress of the DEB selection it obtained 13 gates in 132 plays, under it the crucial gate for olympia qualification for salt Lake town center 2002. It participated in the A-world championships 1994 - 97, 2001, 2003 and 2004, the B-world championship 1999 as well as in the olympic plays 1994, 1998 and 2002 and the World Cup 2004 .


(conditions: 6. January 2006)

  • DEL: 668 plays, 122 gates, 226 collecting mains, 475 punishing minutes
  • of national team: 76 plays, 7 gates, 14 collecting mains, 36 punishing minutes

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