Miroslav Baranek

Miroslav Baranek (* 10. November 1973) is a Czech football player.

The midfield player began with that soccer games with the small Czech associations Havířov and Horní Suchá. After its first appearances in the 1. it 1997 the repeated master Sparta Prague got Czech league with Olomouc and LeRK Brno to itself. While he was with Sparta a recognized and successful midfield player and created it into the Czech national team, it was not enough for the German soccer federal league. it changed 2000 to straight again ascended 1. Fiber plastic Cologne. Under the coaches Ewald Lienen - and after its dismissal Christoph John, he made 37 plays. However it did not succeed to clean-pass on itself it into the master eleven. Its project for the large European associations to recommend, had thus failed itself. 2002 it returned to its homeland to Sparta Prague, with which he became altogether five times Czech master. Since 2005 it is active for MK Mladá Boleslav.

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  • [[soccer federal league|1. Federal league}}
    37 plays; 3 gates
  • 1. League Tschechien
    of 90 plays; 28 gates

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