Miroslav Klose

Miroslav Klose (Polish Mirosław Klose) (* 9. June 1978 in Oppeln, Poland) is a German football player. It plays at present with the federal lyingists sports association Werder Bremen.

Klose is poles and Germans (doubled nationality). He comes from one muchsporty family: Its father Józef Klose was Polish professional soccer player with the Odra Opole and AJ Auxerre and its nut/mother Barbara denied 82 international matches for the Polish hand ball national team.

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Web on the left of [works on] biography first in Poland and came France and in the age of eight years with its family as an evacuee to Germany into the Pfalz, where it toSchool went. It played first in the youth with the SG Blaubach Diedelkopf and then with the former federal lyingists fiber plastic Homburg as an amateur. It made training as the Carpenter simultaneous. Later it closed that 1. Fiber plastic Kaiserslautern on and played first for its second crew, beforeit the break-through in the federal league created and to the national player became. Up to the season 2003/2004 it played with the pfälzischen Erstligisten and changed, after its association was guessed/advised into financial difficulties, for 5 million euro to the sports association Werder Bremen, where its contract still until 2008runs. There it succeeded to it at short acclimatizing phase to replace the goal scorer king Ailton changed to Schalke 04 and develop besides to a complete Stürmer: The Stürmer, who was considered before as a specialist to head ball gates, changes over frequently to the wings, sets with overview itsFellow player, is valuable due to its run and duel strength in the defensive and is also not more predominantly with the head, but at least just as effectively with the foot than goal scorer successfully.

Its debut in the German national team gave Klose to 24. March 2001 in Leverkusenwith the victory against Albania. It obtained the crucial gate briefly before conclusion to 2:1. With the soccer world championship 2002 it became with the German national team vice-world champion and won with 5 gates, which were obtained all together with the head (5 head ball gates to arrive so far still noneother player with a WM), the silver shoe for the secondarybest goal scorer of the tournament. All gates it obtained in the Vorrunde and alone three of it already cut back it with 8:0 success against Saudi Arabia in the first group play.

Miroslav Klose took with the national team also at that European championship 2004 in Portugal part, came because of a preceding injury however little to the course. Also the year 2005 passed for Klose in the national team rather unfortunately: Injury-caused if it suspended in the Confed Cup , and could thereby no gate denied only 5 international matches obtain. For those 2006 it applies for WM nevertheless because of its crew-helpful play way and its good achievements with the association as set.

After “Miro”, how he is called by his fans, could deny after a mehrmonatigen injury break again federal league plays for Werder Bremen, he hurt himself with the DFB cup quarter final against that Fiber plastic pc. Pauli again after a collision with the opponent and tightened itself a chord incipient crack. This injury led to one approx. dreiwöchigen break for Bremen Stürmerstar.


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federal league plays

federal league gates

European Cup plays

European Cup gates

international matches

international match gates

  • 21 altogether

largest ones sporty successes

  • Vice-world champion 2002
  • „silver shoe “assecondarybest goal scorer of the WM 2002
  • „soccer players of the monthly “October 2005

honours and honors

  • Klose appliesas a particularly fair player: For its fair behavior during the federal league meeting 31. Play day of the season in May 2005 Klose received 2004/2005 between Werder Bremen and Arminia Bielefeld the fair Play plaque of the German sport from the German olympic society and from the federation of German sports journalists (VDS) the Fairplay Trophäe: With the conditions of 0:0 the arbitrator had given an eleven-meter for Werder Bremen. Klose had thereupon with the arbitrator indicated that the opposing Torwart separated and did not gefoult him in the Strafraum rule-fairly from the ball. The arbitrator had thereupon the eleven-meter decision and the yellow mapagainst goal keeper Mathias Hain again taken back.
  • In an inquiry of the technical periodical kicker Klose was selected by 249 federal league professionals with 38,3% to the best field player of the Vorrunde 05/06.


  • Miroslav Klose celebrates its gates frequently with a Salto forward, this brought it the surname„Salt ok lots “.
  • With Ivan Klasnić forms Klose with Werder Bremen a very successful attack, „the K.u.K. - Storm is called “.
  • A friendship connects Klose with the disabled athlete and three-way paralympics winner Wojtek Czyz.
  • Klose is considered as very homeland-connected. Although since the childhood in Germany living and in the meantimeadditionally also Germans, he speaks Polish with the family or colleague, as the national team colleague Lukas Podolski likewise originating from Poland, frequent.
  • For certain „attention “Miroslav Klose provided during the soccer world championship 2002 in a television interview. On the question of the reporter Waldemar Hartmann, which itin the evening before an important play do, answered to Klose, it will read on in a book, which it carried forward from Germany. Thereupon the moderators of the football ending placed themselves seriously the question, which had been probably the last German football national player, who would have read a book.
  • InJanuary 2001 traveled even of Poland national coach Jerzy angel to the Pfalz, in order to persuade the Stürmer to play in the Polish national team. Because Klose had never done without its Polish nationality. But this declined: “I have a German passport, and if it so furtherruns, has I a chance on an appointment by Rudi of full. “Source:http://www.miroslav-klose.de/lebenslauf.html

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