Measure Marple

Jane Marple, more well-known as if measure Marple, a novel figure in several detective stories and Kurzgeschichten of Agatha Christie are (1890 - 1976).

Measure Marple is in the novels a cultivated, largely grown, somewhat pale-membranous lady from the upper central layer. It becomes1930 at the age of approx. 65 years “born”. Except its nephew Raymond west has it no closer related more and was also never married. Measure Marple lives in the fictitious small village pc. Mary Mead, a typical English Örtchen in the just as fictitious county Downshire. Nevertheless the village is not by any means an overslept nest: In one period of approximately forty years there were sixteen murders - five by poison, two by shots, two by drowning, two by Erwürgen and five by unsettled causes. In addition four attempted murders came by poison,Suffocating and impacts on the head, in addition five armed robberies, eight suppressions and two series of extortions. It all cleared up of measure Marple.

Measure Marple stepped first in a series of Kurzgeschichten in the British “The Sketch of magazines” in feature. Here it was member in “Tuesday club “, a discussion round in pc. Mary Mead, which was concerned with unsettled crimes. Further members of the club were the local minister, measure Marples nephew, Raymond west, a successful writer, its engaged Joyce, an artist and other one. It was however always measures Marple, thosethe solution to the crimes found. These Kurzgeschichten were summarized with five different in the book “The Thirteen of problem” (1932, US title “The Tuesday club Murders”), however only two years after the first measure Marple novel “murder in the parsonage building” (Murder RK the Vicarage) (1930) given change.

Agatha Christieregretted later, their favourite character than old lady creates and the “best cases” therefore the “younger” Hercule Poirot to surrender to have had. 1976 we meet her in “peace roughly “for the last time. At this time is measures Marple thus, if one the yearstheir activities sums, about 111 years up old.

The against measures Marple from the well-known films stands: A love-worth schrullige, old Jungfer, but if it concerns the release from mysteries, it proves its sharp, logical understanding. In best crime film tradition it surprises thereby the local professionalLaw guardian, by normally making analogies to earlier events and persons of the village life.

The most well-known Darstellerin was a British actress Margaret Rutherford, which embodied the schrullige old lady in four films from 1960 to 1964.

In addition, measure Marple is the name fora software for License management.

Table of contents

books with measure Marple

  • 1930: The Murder RK the Vicarage (dt.: Murder in the parsonage building)
  • 1932: The Thirteen of problem (dt.: The Tuesday evening club)
  • 1942: The Body into the LIBRARY (dt.: The dead one in the library)
  • 1943: The Moving finger (dt.: The shade hand)
  • 1950: A Murder is Announced (dt.: A murder announced)
  • 1952: Murder With Mirrors (dt.: Fata Morgana)
  • 1953: A Pocketful OF Rye (dt.: The secret thatGold mine)
  • 1957: 4.50 from PAD thing clay/tone (dt.: 16 o'clock 50 starting from PAD thing clay/tone)
  • 1962: The Mirror Crack'd from simmers tons simmers (dt.: Murder in the mirror)
  • 1964: A Caribbean Mystery (dt.: Caribbean affair)
  • 1965: RK Bertram's hotel (dt.: Bertrams hotel)
  • 1971: Nemesis (dt.: The fate in person)
  • 1976: Sleeping Murder (dt.: Peace roughly)

films and TV serials

in the direction of George pole LOCK played Margaret Rutherford measures Marple in four films, from which however only Murder, She Said was based on an original book collecting main of Agatha Christie, after history 4,50 from PAD thing clay/tone. Agatha Christie originally wrote the two next as Hercule Poirot - stories and the last film one invented by film script writers. The music to these four films wrote the British composer Ron Goodwin. In the filmings with Margaret Rutherford is the place, to measure Marple, the fictitious village milk ester lives.

MeasureMarple in the films accompanied of the librarian Mr. Stringer, represented of stringer Davis, which was in the material life the married man of Margaret Rutherford. The two had a short guest appearance in these roles also into „the murders of the Mr. ABC “(The alphabet Murders)(1965) with Tony edge universe (likewise with the music of Ron Goodwin).

Against it the filmings were very many work-more faithful in the context of a BBC TV serial from the 80's with Joan Hickson as if measure Marple. The title music to this series comes from Alan Blaikley. In the filmingfrom Murder She Said with Margaret Rutherford of 1961 by the way plays Joan Hickson a Nebenrolle.

In the filming The Mirror Crack'd (dt.: „Murder in the mirror “) of 1980 played Angela Lansbury measures Marple. Also the later TV serial Murder, She Wrote (dt. „Murder is their hobby “) alsoAngela Lansbury as a crime film authoress Jessica Fletcher points in certain measure parallel to the novel figures surveys Marple and to the Ariadne of the olive from the novels from Agatha Christie.

In the 1980-he 1980 there were likewise two American television films with Helen Hayes as if measure Marple, to that Lee Holdridge the music wrote.

At present (2004) by the English TV-transmitter ITV a new measure Marple series with Geraldine McEwan in the main role is produced. For the music in this series Dominik Scherrer will be responsible.

This TV serial with Geraldine McEwan, consisting of 4 parts, is to14. March 2005 as English original on DVD appeared.


  • „The young people think the old people acres fools, but the old people know the young people acres fools. “ - Measure Marples slogan in different books and Kurzgeschichten.


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